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  • Yeah, that's actually the one thing I knew about you for sure, but you know, like everybody calls people guy.
    My clan is doing great! :D
    Yesterday was a guy, and he was beated by my warcaptain, and he wasn't good enough for warteam.
    So he raged, and keeps complaining my warcaptain is a hacker, only because he's having 6 shinies. XD
    And I banned him from the clan, because he was offending everybody in the clan and stuff.
    And then he spammed in my clan.
    But he's banned now, and all his alternate accounts are banned too, and he's IPbanned.
    And my clan is fixed and recovered.
    So everything is going well now. :)
    Got it, I uploaded it. The number is 59-05656-61578. Check it out, your free to put it on OO's youtube account. You might need Tehjonno's permission, but I think he'd be good with it.
    Speaking of videos, I have a wifi video of myself VS Tehjonno back when we were both in OO. Would you like to upload that as well? Its a pretty good battle. I'm not sure what info you would need, But I'm sure it wouldn't be too much trouble.

    The Video no is 00-00000-00000
    No problem. How's OO? That actually would have been my top choice for a clan had my previous clan that I founded been revived, Omega.
    Yeah, I dropped of the radar a little, but I found a clan that I clicked with And got more back into it.
    if i ever decided to remake RoS, it would be in the OP before the leaders would be chosen. Thanks Pro, your the best.
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