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    My fc is : Chira 1461 3537 1283
    Hopefully I'll have them ready in 30 minutes, so just PM me when you're ready to trade. :D
    Well, I can actually get most of them. :D
    Sorry, my computer was acting up btw, so my reply was late. ^^;
    I can get the furret, granbull, houndour, natu, yanma and skiploom if you like. I'll see what I can do, I'll probably have them ready for tomorrow.
    ((Any specific names/genders?))
    Haha, any of those sound great.
    I traded a Groudon for the Ho-oh. I only have legendaries like the bird trio/kyogre/etc. I have some Johto starters and pkrs-infected pokemon but I don't have many others to offer I'm afraid. ^^;
    I'm actually looking for a celebi, but I wouldn't be able to make a very good deal . ^^;
    Oh sorry, I forgot to update my post. Someone contacted me and traded me one. Thanks for asking though. :D
    I hate when that happens. Thankfully, we didn't have anything like your test. We just had to read a Spanish paragraph, and answer three questions... I crashed and burned on the questions... Yeah, what kind of stuff did you have for the test?
    Same here! I can't understand what they're saying. By the time they've said a word I actually know, they've already said another 10 sentences x.X
    I had an Oral Exam in Spanish today. I'm terrible with Spanish x.X

    I have a final exam in Geometry Honors, Geography, Art, English Honors, Spanish, Computers, and Biology.
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