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  • OMG! Happy Birthday!

    I'm so sorry for being late! I was going to wish you a happy birthday, but before I knew it I had to get off, and yesterday Serebii wasn't working ;_;

    So, how's it going?
    I'm not sure about the moral values, but I'm certainly honest. Too honest maybe, but whatever.

    My birthday wasn't so hot either. It happened three days before my exams. So I didn't celebrate or anything.

    My join date doesn't mean anything. I hardly touched my account until this year when I started becoming more active.
    Yeah, I'm one of the youngest people in my grade x.x

    Well, I plan on being an artist as a side job, you know?

    You know, I've heard something about the right side (I think that's what side it is) of your brain being more creative. I'm right handed :D

    Well, I don't have a scanner (actually, I'm probably going to get that for Christmas too x.X) but for a short time I did have one and managed to get some of my fan arts up. But their just drawings of legendary pokemon (it's because of them I joined DeviantART... see my sig if you have no idea what I'm talking about v.v) I don't know if I'd put them on Serebii though...

    BUT I do pokemon sprites, ya know what I mean? I'm good with Fakemon and sprites done from scratch... plus others ^_^;;
    Same here. I'm addicted to capturing animal-like monsters, training them, and waging battles against other monsters... Every day I think about Pokemon.

    Well, I'm lucky enough to have two DS (and GBAs..) So when I do get them to Lv. 100, I just trade them over to my main game of that generation (Diamond and Emerald), then I reset. This is how I still manage to keep my Jap. Dialga for over two years (well, it'd be two years in four days <3), even when I restarted Jap. Diamond over three times... Yeah, I have a habit of only playing through Diamond or Pearl until you get to Dialga and Palkia, then I catch and trade them over. This is how I got 5 Dialga's and 3 Palkia's...

    I'm shocked to see that we are so much alike here. I love to draw, and I usually just draw Pokemon or some anime-style person. I also wanted to write a fan-fic about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (but I can never go though with it ^^;; ). I try not to put pokemon in my school work, just in case someone notices it is pokemon. I really don't need people knowing I love pokemon in High School... But, I do talk about it vaguely :D Actually, it's because I've drawn pokemon for over eight years that I've wanted to be a artist when I grow up ^_^. There unique designs have helped me imagine what things are suppose to look like on paper... If that makes sense x.x
    No, I think that would be fun ^^ I'm an only child, so I can only play by myself ;_; I just restart the games over again. I try to use different Pokemon every time so that it wouldn't get as boring. Because of this, I've played through Diamond and Pearl over 7 times all together... I also make up teams, train them, and level them to 100. My god, I've gotten bored of pokemon :O
    Yeah, I do even though I don't like too. IMO it takes way to much time, and it gets boring after a while. But I'll do it if it makes my pokemon stronger. But I do not understand IV's at all.
    Yup, I know
    He asked 4 me to do this as well, I´ve already done
    So, dont worry

    I told them yesterday, but as 2day I couldn get on I havent told him
    So, maybe thats why he asked
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