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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    I am secretly guilty of this smack. I just can't help but be annoyed by people who choose pokemon based on their stats and moves (pseudo-legendaries, I think they're called? Non legendary pokemon with fantastic stats?). I know this sounds silly as it is key to being successful in the Pokemon...
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    Experimental Watercolor Pokemon

    Why thankyou! Yes, I really should plan things out first. The criticism is appreciated.
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    Experimental Watercolor Pokemon

    Hello, Just want some criticism on my artistic skill. I do understand the Bellossom's anatomy is inaccurate. I apologize for the seller-position I am in here, but it was the most readily available source for displaying my art. Critique away...
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    ultiamate star wars thread![maybe the only one on the site}

    Although I do find the 2nd trilogy just as amazing as the first (possibly because I grew up with it), I do STRONGLY agree that George Lucas is milking it. The new animated Clone Wars movie and TV series strongly makes me want to cry and kill myself; the whole movie is saturated in corniness and...
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    Metalheads? anybody?

    DISTRURBED *if it counts* :3
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    Did you cry? PMD1&2

    I cried for the ending of PMD2, when I was leaving my partner. It makes me feel pathetic
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    stupidest thing u hav ever done in any pokemon dungeon game

    The absolute most stupid, screwed up thing that has happened to me in MD... probably when I was escorting a nidoqueen to a nidoking. I had just found the nidoking, when I step on an explosive trap and destroy the nidoking. NO, NOT THE TRAVELING CLIENT, THE CLIENT BEING MET. craziest thing...
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    Official MD/Ranger/Trozei Glitch Thread

    Coming from a monster house, I found 178 poke sitting in my tool box in Western Cave.
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    Do you think homophobic people are evil?

    I was very happy to read this post as someone of religious faith. Thank you for respecting people who disagree with you, as those people who disagree with you will begin to respect you as well. :)
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    hey! Ya I stopped for a long time, but started up again just recently. *Still learning...

    hey! Ya I stopped for a long time, but started up again just recently. *Still learning guitar* :p
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    If God exists do we have free will?

    I just slapped something down to avoid spamming. The bible actually does refer to dinosaurs- in the book of Job, it refers to the Bohemoth: "Look at the behemoth, which I made along with you and which feed on grass like an ox. What strength he has in his loins, what power in the muscles of his...
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    If God exists do we have free will?

    read the first post. this is not a fight about if God exists or not. But since this will probably be labeled as spam, I might as well say something. So, you're saying an idiot could look at a bone and tell it's age? The carbon-14 system of dating a dinosaur bone's age proves that...
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    If God exists do we have free will?

    The very basis of Christianity is built upon the fact that we all have free will, a concience that tells right from wrong. We can choose to sin, etc. I have thought about this aswell, but have concluded that: Yes, God knows what will happen, but we do not. This feeling that someone in the...
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    I just want to know I agree with you 100% in your debate topic! Good luck speaking the truth:3

    I just want to know I agree with you 100% in your debate topic! Good luck speaking the truth:3
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    A Decade of Pokemon Scandals

    Wow, I found this quite interesting. Too bad the toys were called back... to be honest, I don't think it was Burger King's fault, but the poor parenting of the child's guardian. The jynx racism is a load of crap. The word "racism" is thrown around lightly these days. It seems people are just...