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  • Yeah, like 1 and a half years so far.
    Haha I get that
    Looking back on my old vms I cringe so much too
    Yeah, been missing you too :)

    Haha, yeah, Pokémon Go's pretty awesome. It wasn't out in the Netherlands or Indonesia until this week, so I just downloaded the app through the internet a few weeks early lol
    Like everyone over here did that.
    It's a really awesome way to walk around, even if it drains your phone battery super fast
    Actually, I am on PokeCommunity but I prefer SPPF for VMs.

    So what actually was happening for all these months? Was your Internet not working, or you simply fell out from Pokemon?

    (Btw, I suggest you add me on Skype, so whether you are on a hiatus we can chat, plus it's handy.)
    Hey, you're back! Meanwhile I finished Naruto and am on 195 on Shippuuden!

    ..Now please don't say this was your last VM for another 2 months.. :'(
    Thats freaking true.

    PHf was a good forum.. I used to love the days when everybody would just post in the PHF war thread. :) The days when we hit 700 posts in one day. The art shops, the jokes on DCCT..

    I somehow feel that I have been a giant part of the forum. No wonder everybody left the forum after I left it xD
    A pretty big thing happened on SLF. I left the forum. Dartz isn't even interested, and I believe that since Arceus joined the forum, the forum has been destroyed. I left the forum with a final thread, and never coming again.
    Ayy, that art be looking awesome! Watched!

    So, let us plot for the shop. Don't you think it would be weird that I am a part of a shop, but I have a banner from a different shop?
    Same here! My phone is garbage too.

    You can't even imagine, if I dont have internet for a day, I go nuts :p
    Why don't you get a connection on your mobile phone? 3G maybe so you can at least tell your router has problems. (not that I have problem with it)

    Man your luck is getting worse and worse. First the depression that you had, and second the computer issues and now router problems. I feel sorry for ya.
    I know that feel bro, my router sucks too.

    So, as we were talking, you sure about the shop?
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