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  • Poor girl

    I think it's a one time thing. It was just to help sell the game on newer consoles.

    The choice was easy enough for me because I liked all three characters.
    Same here <.<

    Well, hope things will get better eventually, best wishes!

    I've no idea. She just said she didn't have time anymore :/
    And the graphics were improved to an extent. The game just feels more lively and First Person helps to capture the beauty. Third Person would still be a better fit for GTA, though. Especially games like San Andreas.

    He does have some fun missions but they are overshadowed by Trevor's. If you get to the ending, it's pretty interesting. There are 3 choices you can make.

    Yeah. No, it dosen't really get any updates anymore, but the One does.
    Wha-. I was kidding, but since you are so generous and I love your art, sure!
    TRUE! First my sister got into it, she told me about it, I saw first 3 episodes, and then people on upnetwork started talking with me about that.

    Wow, you cried, an anime?
    Ah cara, posterguei o término do meu mestrado porque esqueci completamente a inscrição para o doutorado (que pretendo seguir logo depois de defender)!
    Mas nem foi tão ruim, porque tem tanta coisa atrasada (sem falar em algumas desavenças com outros professores lá do departamento)... Então é menos pressa e stress. Só que minha bolsa acaba no próximo mês. =/

    Não tenha medo dos números!
    Pense que é apenas uma outra linguagem. =]
    Espero que as coisas se arranjem para o seu lado logo.
    Its perfect! :D May I request an Icon from you? xD

    Same here. KagePro is the only anime except Pokemon I watched.
    It looks great! I love it!

    But gotta say, the white part is horrid.

    Did you watch all episodes?
    I have only beaten it once on the 360 because I found it boring. Beat it last month on the Xbox One and First Person made it feel much more different and enjoyable.

    Yeah they really tried to make Michael the main protagonist but he was kind of boring. The backstory with him and Trevor really leaves a lot unclear.

    Never heard of that. Again, the worse they can do is ban you from Xbox Live, if they find out
    Nossa, complicado aí. =/
    Irmãos mais velhos? Você está trabalhando também?

    Não vi quanto tempo você ficou fora, só que não tive notícias suas por uns meses. x)

    For good remixes of MOTHER series music, you may want to give the SSB versions of Smiles and Tears, Eight Melodies, Pollyanna and Onett / Winters (Which is actually Onett / Snowman instead of Onett / Winters), among others.
    That sounds strange. I don't know where you live but I can imagine there being great variations in prices between countries and regions.
    Same here, there are a lot of games I want to try but I don't have the time or money to try all of them. I understand you completely.

    I did play R/S/E (especially Emerald) a lot when they were new, but yeah, I have no interest in OR/AS. Regarding the Johto games, I quite liked G/S/C until HG/SS existed, the remakes didn't do much for me to be honest. Like you, I don't like remakes that much, though I do like FR/LG. D/P/P remakes will be fun when they happen, I just hope they will make less stupid decisions with them compared to what they did with HG/SS and OR/AS. Like keeping all the Platinum features. Personally I don't see much room for improvements other than a larger regional dex and the improved graphics/physics/mechanics but like you, I can play Platinum just fine (doing so right now actually) and it is awesome, I'm fine without a remake for now :)

    Same here, 5th gen is forever special to me since these games got me back into Pokemon after my worst burnout ever. I don't think I'll ever play Crystal again though (especially since the battery is out on it) but I had more fun with it than with HG/SS, that's for sure.
    I don't have an Xbox but I have planned to install some more games on my PC and play through them as well. Play whay you feel like and have fun with it :)
    What? I think its cheap!
    I used the fog render.

    I see.
    Hmm, gotta try that.
    I see, thanks!


    *sigh* Again? Something broke? Well I guess on-screen keyboard is at your help.

    Thanks! I adore making Pokemon substitutes.
    Sounds like all of the fun stuff happens in the latter part of the game. Still though, kill a chicken and
    you're ****ed. I don't think you can pay off that bounty

    Trevor had some of the best missions. They were action-packed. Michael's missions are mostly laid back and in the early portions of the game it's easy to get bored.

    Dang dude, that sucks. If they are caught though, they should be returned to their countries, right?

    Ah, is it j-tagged? The main thing about that is Microsoft can ban you from Xbox Live and won't repair your console if it's damaged because it is modified. Can you connect to Xbox Live?
    Heyy, sorry for late reply, had school very imprtant things to do

    But aw, things turn out right?

    I... dunno, she just stopped coming to Bulbapedia since like December ._.
    Opa, você está vivo ainda!
    Olha... várias coisas dando errado, mas no geral estou bem. =]

    E você, como está?
    E obrigado por mencionar o aniversário da minha conta. x)
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