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  • I had learnt from Mew The Gato to make PASBL banners. Here is one:

    The only problem is with the low quality images. But I was making these things 4-5 months ago.

    Also, I have recently started spriting and I take part in the GWSC too! :D
    I see. Oh, that before and after really is different. Well, gotta get used to it.

    Yeah, TPC is alive.
    It was pretty fun when I tried it. Although I ended up killing a chicken and all of the villagers were after me haha. I also killed the uncle of the dude that you can choose to go with in the prologue. The whole village wanted to kill me.

    Yeah, it wouldn't be so bad though if there were more actions in them, because about 1/3 of them are stupid things like driving from point A to point B.

    I'm not worried about Ebola because over here they do a thorough check of people coming from Africa and if they have Ebola they are goin back where they came from.

    What, you mean hacking? Also yeah, if you tamper with the Xbox One Microsoft will be on your ***.

    Ahh, well glad to see things have improved! Hey back off, murder is my thing =3=

    I'm alright, how've you been mate?

    Yeah I was wondering about that :p. Don't worry about it to much though ^_^
    I don't anymore as I have literally nothing left to do on it and I have a next gen console now, but yeah I rinsed that game to oblivion (no pun intended).
    It really just means someone who is from Kalos (but I am obviously not lol). It appears in the in-game map description for Kiloude City: "This city, popular with Pokémon Trainers, is a typical example of southern Kalosian life." Got it from there, and the word just stuck with me to the point where I named a Sylveon after it first, and then decided to go with it as my new username on here.

    That's really good to hear! I'm happy about your situation getting better. I'm sure you can endure it.

    Exactly. I feel the same way. My life really hasn't turned out the way I wanted it to, but I have no choice but to live through it the way it is right now. I hope you'll stay around even in times where things are rough.

    I see. Personally, I bought a 3DS mostly only for X/Y but there are other non-Pokemon games I have played as well and I'm happy about it. I can understand your situation though, the games aren't that cheap, and the consoles are even worse...
    Yeah, I also have R/S/E and unlike you, I do like them a lot, but they aren't my favorites and I am fine with them as they are, remakes of them weren't necessary to me. D/P/P remakes will probably happen in 4-5 years or so if the cycle continues, I will try to have a different approach to them compared what I had towards OR/AS and HG/SS. And same here, my current games are keeping me busy as it is. Though I am done with B/W and B/W2 (though they are so fun that I'll probably get back to them at some point), I am instead playing X/Y and Platinum at the moment.
    Thanks. I like your new name too.

    That sounds pretty hard. I hope your mom will be allright and that whatever is troubling you will be resolved. And I agree, sometimes life is just terrible and it feels like there is no motivation to do anything.

    As for OR/AS... I'm not enjoying them, simply because I haven't got either of them. Shortly put, I was never a fan of the idea of R/S remakes to start with, wasn't very hyped for the games during their pre-release time, and the final product didn't exceed my expectations or live up to my hopes. So I haven't gotten them. Not sure if I will in the near future either as I'm expecting another new game in the main series to be announced and released this year, and I will probably get it rather than OR/AS. But I don't think OR/AS are bad, they just don't interest me. Do you have the games? If so, I hope you are having fun with them :)
    Yeah, but I am not fast enough at GIMP.
    Damn thats expensive!

    I haven't learned much of GIMP, mostly because you weren't there. Yeah, go for it! Your graphics are amazing, just don't go on an hiatus again.

    Alright, I will ask for help when I need it!
    Whaddya mean?

    Did you pay for it?

    Also, speaking for banners, while you were away, I finally got GIMP and it's awesome.
    Okay then, I just seen you online a few times the past few days. PvE stands for Player versus Engine. You're basically playing against AI. I see that Skyrim reference lol, even though I haven't really played Skyrim.

    Yeah, other GTAs had 100 missions, this one only has 69 (lol). Although the latter part of the game is fun, especially the heists. Make sure you play the Multiplayer portion if you play COD, that is the addicting part haha.

    Well there's help in numbers. Most of the earth is made up of water, so when the time comes, you guys should be fine.

    Ah sweet, me too. Do you have Xbox Live? I have the Xbox One as well, it's pretty sweet but I don't have many games for it yet.
    It seems we both did. I remember that I didn't know who you were for a while until I realized you had just gotten your name changed.
    Anyway, I'm fine. There are always things that can be better with my life but I'm quite happy for the moment. Hope you are doing well too.
    Well I can tell you that in a PM.

    [ I do not know about Ciel, but I know DLADV spoke something offensive in the anime section ].
    I've tried Destiny at a friend's place, it's pretty awesome. The PvP sucks but the PvE is really fun. It's a good game to play wit friends. Most of the good things that people have said about it are true but it's story is non-existent. You have to do a lot of grinding though to get gear so it resembles RPGs.

    I didn't like V as much as the other GTAs but it's not a bad game. My biggest dissapointment is probably the Single Player. It's too short. And if you try COD... play COD 4, MW2, BO1 or BO2. Those are the best from my experience and the new ones are terrible.

    That's not good. Pretty soon you'll have to drink your own spit huh? I'm thankful that I live in the countryside and we have our well with fresh water.

    Nothing, really. Jordan and the bunch got ORAS. So you have a 360 huh?
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