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  • Heya there! Thanks for accepting my challenge, and welcome to the Anime Style Battling League! It's always nice to see folks join. As others have mentioned already, let me know if you have any questions and whatnot about most things, i'll try to help out the best I can.

    Anyway, my opponent-to-be, see you around!
    Yep, just looked at your profile and it seems to have been cleared up. Hope you enjoy the league, if you feel like testing your skills at any point, I'm the Psychic Gym Trainer currently awaiting challengers! Ask for a match in the gym queue if you're feeling up to it!
    Hi, weclome to the league! Just a heads up, UPN has been having some problems with posting as a new member lately. If you're having problems let me know and I'll talk to the administrator.

    Hope you enjoy PASBL!
    Just noticed a problem with your squad. Chinchou is tl2, which means you can only have it as an uplevel. That being said, I would highly advise using it as an uplevel, it is incredibly good and has cute little feet so you can use it on land haha.
    Welcome to ASB! I go by TKF or Austo, I'm the resident Water Gym Leader. If you need any advice or guidance feel free to ask and I will aid you to the best of my ability. I would advise the use of Veekun.com when looking at Pokemon and always be sure to check moves and Pokemon on here, http://pasbl.upnetwork.net, as a lot of moves work differently here compared to the games. Read through battles to get an idea of the processes and things like pacing.

    Our league runs across two forums the other being UPN, feel free to come check it out.
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