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  • Ok, made mah MSN.
    Now just gotta work out friend adding :p
    Mah email thingo for it is crystalstar89@hotmail.com. (I won't be chatting tonight: Promised my bro the computer *groan*)
    ...No she doesn't. But when I told her YCMaker never comes on, thats what she said.
    *sigh* I'll try. But my bro's in the room and he isn't one to keep secrets like me making a MSN. Scraghgj.
    I'll try tomorrow when I feel like it :p
    I don't have MSN yet *faceaplms self*

    I need a particualr email or some ****. And I'm just too. Damn. Lazy.

    I found out around 10am. Being hoping ever since.

    I told my sister and she said "Maybe he can't pay for it anymore" and I'm liek "FUUUU-"
    Yeah squirrel wars. I was like the Navy Leader, and we sailed in acorns and bark and stuff. And we conquered rats, bats, rabbits and jellyfish. So awesome.
    On Hamachi. Standin' by.
    Well, I think that's against Clan rules... Clan's are all serious business, Clubs are limited to one topic... So I had to go for Clans. It won't limit people from joining, except the part where one person cannot be in two clans.
    Hey gaiz, should I recreate the Jolteon Clan here? Except as a CLAN, where its all serious PO battles, Wifi Battles and War.
    Most YCMers ended up going to pokevolution to chat. I hoped it would be fixed while I slept. No such luck. I've been trying since 10am.
    Ya hai Sol.

    You only just found out about YCM? It's been off since like, 3:00pm yesterday.

    I'm hoping YCMaker is doing something, but I reckon it's just stupid maintenance,
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