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Last Activity:
Jan 11, 2012
Jul 5, 2011
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6th Grader

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★Best Wishes★

SolemnWish was last seen:
Jan 11, 2012
    1. Alliance
      I just did!
      Jeez.... calm down Blaziken..... :P
    2. Alliance
      I never know. I be the clueless one. Who has a love for Whitlea/Hilda. Dun judge meh.
    3. Alliance
      I made mine just for MSN because yahoo isn't compatible for MSN and stuffz.
    4. Alliance
      Ok, made mah MSN.
      Now just gotta work out friend adding :P
      Mah email thingo for it is crystalstar89@hotmail.com. (I won't be chatting tonight: Promised my bro the computer *groan*)
    5. Alliance
      ...No she doesn't. But when I told her YCMaker never comes on, thats what she said.
      *sigh* I'll try. But my bro's in the room and he isn't one to keep secrets like me making a MSN. Scraghgj.
      I'll try tomorrow when I feel like it :P
    6. Alliance
      I don't have MSN yet *faceaplms self*

      I need a particualr email or some ****. And I'm just too. Damn. Lazy.

      I found out around 10am. Being hoping ever since.

      I told my sister and she said "Maybe he can't pay for it anymore" and I'm liek "FUUUU-"
    7. Alliance
      Yeah squirrel wars. I was like the Navy Leader, and we sailed in acorns and bark and stuff. And we conquered rats, bats, rabbits and jellyfish. So awesome.
      On Hamachi. Standin' by.
    8. Alliance
      Hell yes. *Remembers Squirrel Wars at school fondly*
      *pokes Sol with a stick* Hehe.
    9. Samantha Sparks
      Samantha Sparks
      Well, I think that's against Clan rules... Clan's are all serious business, Clubs are limited to one topic... So I had to go for Clans. It won't limit people from joining, except the part where one person cannot be in two clans.
    10. Samantha Sparks
      Samantha Sparks
      Hey gaiz, should I recreate the Jolteon Clan here? Except as a CLAN, where its all serious PO battles, Wifi Battles and War.
    11. Alliance
      Most YCMers ended up going to pokevolution to chat. I hoped it would be fixed while I slept. No such luck. I've been trying since 10am.
    12. Alliance
      Ya hai Sol.

      You only just found out about YCM? It's been off since like, 3:00pm yesterday.

      I'm hoping YCMaker is doing something, but I reckon it's just stupid maintenance,
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    6th Grader
    Favourite Pokémon:



    I'll put up a logo later...

    :649: <-- OMG! A Genesect. KABOOM! :571: Oh, just a Zoroark... <.<

    I'll.. update my sig as I settle in Serebii more ^^