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Last Activity:
Aug 31, 2018
Apr 22, 2011
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Farmer's slave

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Forest-Dweller, from Norway

Solfatara was last seen:
Aug 31, 2018
    1. ChaoticInverse
      It sucks you didn't get all of your money back, but I guess getting something back is better than nothing. My hunts have been going pretty good! I've gotten all the starters at least once but I'm really hoping for totodile. Though I'll be happy if it's at least not chikorita, I think I have four of them now?
    2. ChaoticInverse
      Congrats on the shiny swablu and sorry to hear about your game fraud. If you're having trouble with the seller you could try contacting ebay/amazon/the site directly? I'm not sure about ebay but I'm fairly certain amazon has a policy regarding fraudulent items/issues with sellers. Or you could just inform the seller that you'll be contacting the site directly and he'll have to deal with whatever negative consequences they give him? Maybe that'll motivate him? :p

      either way it sucks that you got cheated out of your money and I hope it resolves in your favor!
    3. Pucca_ness
      Thankyou for being such a helpful, active member of the breeding club! xxx
    4. Arsène
      The latter of course. It's alright, no need to apologize.
      Excadrill goes on any Sand Team, or RP Landorus.
      Why special Lucario, sure it improved due to gaining Nasty Plot, but it isn't nowhere close as potent as it's physical set.
      I rarely get surprises, other than when a really hard RNG abuse ends up agreeing with me for once.
      And that's a really nice and usable Deino you've got there. I strongly recommend training it.

      Hmm, not too good...it's on hiatus due to me having no clue on how to approach it, and I'm lazy with everything else, so...
    5. Arsène
      That took a while.

      Those stats are fine, be glad you got what you needed perfectly. That Hippowdon is usable in battles, too.
      Sounds like it works to me, Volcarona really just hates being sent out into rocks in general.
      Also if you had to ask, Adamant is the best route to go on Toxicroak, it isn't all that fast like you've mentioned.
    6. Arsène
      I've used a similar set on Dialga in Uber tier. Bulk up rest-talk and Dragon Tail makes for one incredibly potent stall machine. Likewise, hazards --at least SR and a layer of Spikes will drive your opponent crazy if they don't play their cards correctly in the fight.

      If it matters so much, i could probably breed you one in my spare time, I have plenty of it lately...

      Bronzong is also a notable dual screener nowadays. I'm not too sure why people stopped using it, though. It has incredibly defensive synergy with some of today's Pokemon. But I suppose the speed is why it fell in usage.

      Well, that's breeding for you, such a headache.
    7. Arsène
      When it does work however, (usually on PO where quite a number of people don't change their genders) then it's absolutely monstrous and gets past plenty of walls.

      A Jolly "chomp tank" set with SR, Dragon Tail, Earthquake and Substitute actually worked wonders. The EVs on it obviously lean more towards HP and def with a bit in speed to outpace certain threats.

      Sheer Force Nidoking is incredibly potent if you ask me. I would definitely recommend trying it out. Combined with your enthusiasm for it; you'll have a great partner.
      As for the breeding issues, nothing a bit of ... RNG can't solve. :3
    8. ShinyDoug
    9. Arsène
      Flight Jewel is calculated before Acrobatics' effect. So it works by gaining the Flight Jewel boost AND having Acrobatics' secondary effect.

      Rivarly Haxorus is more situational than useful, honestly. I'd only go Rivalry if I'm using a Choice Band set. Hydreigon however, loves specs. You can opt for Timid if you're paranoid of opposing Haxorus while using it, but the power drop will be noticeable.

      Am I the only one who still does CB Garchomp? It's so useful with plenty of paralysis support. But I suppose sub+swords dance can do the same thing.

      I actually do, some of them are a surprise incoming in a few weeks.
    10. Arsène
      That's a pretty nice Mienshao.

      Could possibly work as a lead with Fake-Out, Acrobatics (with Flight Jewel), U-turn and Hi Jump Kick.

      Choice Band isn't much of a good idea for it, though.

      As for Deino-line:
      Modest @Choice Specs 252 SpA/ 252 Speed
      Draco Meteor/Dragon Pulse
      Fire Blast
      Focus Blast
      Dark Pulse/Surf

      Fires off Uber-tiered Draco Meteors that not much can really switch into. The rest is for coverage and generally hitting hard as well.
    11. Arsène
      I think you mean + 1 evasion in that case.
      See, I told you that it would be easy after all.
      Breed a Mienshao and Deino, perhaps. :3
    12. Arsène
      Well, this is the path you like the most, so nobody can stop you from doing it. :3

      Bleh, History is easy, but incredibly boring. You'll most certainly do fine though. Good luck.
    13. Arsène
      This is why I RNG instead. Less inconsistency and anger in the long run.

      Kyurem has plenty of purpose than that. ~ But yep, pretty much happens to me too.
    14. Arsène
      How interesting of a disaster that was, right?

      I rarely get critical captures, once I do, the Pokemon are usually ones that have 3% rates of being caught (legends).
    15. Arsène
      Or a wild Tyranitar in a shaky patch. :3
    16. Solfatara
      I know! Crazy. Kingdra was lv. 63 I believe, so I guess you win, but still. Not complaining though:]
    17. Arsène
      Finding a wild Dragonite at level 70 is so absurd --using a fishing line.
    18. Arsène
      I definitely will. :3
    19. Arsène
      I figured it was something of the sort, everybody is so busy with those lately.
      That's fine, I don't mind waiting until you have access to a real one for that. Feel free to take your time.

      Hmm, doing a bit of research of sorts for something "major" coming up.
    20. Arsène
      Where have you been? D:
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