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  • Hi, I'm interested in your friend safaris. Do you want to exchange friend codes?
    Mine is Ground and has Trapinch, Nincada, and Palpitoad, if you're wondering.
    I'd like to add you to my friend safari. I have added you X safari. My safari is psychic with Espurr, Drowzee and Girafarig in it. The name of my 3ds is Haydes and my friend code is 5472-7178-4615
    im adding both of your safaris :p . i have no idea whats in mine so if you ever visit, let me know. Friend code: 2895 8534 6816
    Hello there I added you. I added the X safari with Mankey, Throh and Riolu. My friend safari is fighting with meditite, pancham and tyrogue. Code is 4484 8823 6418
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