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  • Hey, good to see you too, Sol. How've you been?

    I feel half tempted to rejoin Holy Crusade and Civil War but I kind of don't want to from a combination of wanting to only do one RP, not wanting to read through it and not wanting to just drop in the middle of it.
    Doing pretty good, changed jobs and moved in the last year.

    I can certainly understand not wanting to overload yourself with rps. Otherwise, bringing you up to speed without reading everything and explaining your characters absence would be easy enough.
    Good to hear.

    I am getting more tempted to rejoin Unholy Crusade though. Mostly because I still have my idea of Shula's dad joining in and now a minor goddess Digimon character that's basically a fusion of Byleth from Three Houses and Bakunawa from Philippine myth. ...so could you catch me up on what's happening in UC?
    No worries. I've been busy too. I'll have to check out that server sometime.

    Thanks! Nice. I tried to subtly show their sins in the way they acted so that it might be easier to tell who's who. We;ll definitely find out in the next chapter. And unfortunately not. I considered adding those scenes, but it was just too hard to do logistically. Grandis *cough*Kheprius*cough* only really saw the falling debris in the distance anyways.
    Sorry it took so long to reply to this.

    Yeah, that'd be great. I'm sad to see Charred leave the RP, and that means I definitely need more characters to interact with, in both RPs.
    Hmm...those are some nice ideas, especially the dropping. But now I see my main problem...is writing it as I'm not good with fight scenes.
    Okay, I'm thinking I may fastforward us to Fafnir and start the plot. We've had quite a bit of character downtime.
    The firemind is their collective belief of draconic combat. It's a metaphysical thing they all believe they tap into when going into battle. It gives them rage, focus, power, and will. It's a personification of a kind of berserker state...except they don't really go berserk, they just give in to their draconic nature.
    Oh, no, I'm not an expert by any means. Took me a whole day to settle on the lyrics for the song I wrote for Aria's other post. I just want to have something together and ready to go so next time Aria gets asked to sing I wont be staring the post like "What do I do now?" lol.
    Thanks! Haha, yeah i can see that. I wanted to try something new with him, and his long isolation gives him a rather interesting outlook. Hes very knowledgeable, but all his info is 30 years old. Its almost like stepping out of a time machine for him.
    Stein is absolutely one to be one step removed basically at all times. His way of thinking tends to have him analyze his own thoughts first, to sort them out into something he can understand and put into words, before he speaks or acts on it. Its the byproduct of having a crafty and thoughtful mind paired with a very simple and almost childlike personality. I rather like how he's turned out so far, but that detachment seems to be something he shares with Tessa, which explains the chemestry I think.
    If you're working on a post, I didn't mean to ninja you. Just wanted to give you a little more to work with reguarding Stein and Tessa's convo.
    It's probably been a long time. I was thinking at least 8 or so years. Probably closer to 10
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