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  • For Aria, probably not unless something worse happens to him, or he does something cool enough to make her forget about it.

    And neat. I never really intended much to come out of it at first, but the more I thought about it the more I figured a scholar like Tessa might be able to see some value in it.
    Nah, aside from the description I gave it, I'll leave the details up to you. Have fun with it. And yes, I'm eager to see what those two stumble into myself. Brains and brawn indeed, lol.
    Oh, whoops. Want me to edit my post? But yeah, Kamotz actually told me that when I signed up as her. I kind of did it on purpose but it was mostly because Xros Wars is my favorite and I felt like using OmniShoutmon.
    Ok let me just say that Theo's reaction to Fiona melted my heart his concern for others is just really sweet. I just wanna give him a big hug, poor guy.
    Yay! Me too. I love when one of my characters and a character someone else is playing start interacting a lot cause it's always something I wasn't prepared or expecting to write. Keeps me on my toes I guess, lol, but in a good way.
    Sorry, been at work all day.

    I'd imagine she's about the size of a human adult, maybe taller. Might be an idea to check with Kamotz since he's the GM and his word carries more weight than mine on how things are specifically in the UC Rebootverse.
    Yeah, essentially, then you can edit the page.

    I made it because we made ones for the other RPGs back in the day and wanted to revive the tradition.
    Awesome, that'll be good. Having the two of you back in action'll be great, just need to see how Tundra's doing too. I'll move us to Fafnir Station soon and really kick off the plot.
    Cool, do you think you could post in Association soonish too? Would like more than Griff's characters and Domitian trolling NPCs to work with.
    And then James, Artanis, Hoshiko, Okatsu and Kamotz's four.

    I basically really wanted to use BlitzGreymon because I love the design and it doesn't have any canon lower forms, so I felt like it'd have to be Greymon lower forms. I went with RizeGreymon and the Data Squad Agumon to try and differentiate Artanis.
    That could be cool. Character interaction is good in general and stuff like that would work nicely.

    Trying to figure out who's actually still in the RPG so I can start to work out some ideas for interaction and talking points.
    Yeah, figure most Tamers alternate between the worlds. Hoshiko's unusual because she feels she has nothing to go back to in Analog. I didn't mention it in his sign-up, but James does go back and I'll mention it at some point in character, possibly to spark some conflict, possibly for character.
    I doubt I'll ever play it since I don't have a computer that can handle those kind of games, but I always enjoy watching videos of it on youtube.
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