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  • Awesome! I don't have the game yet, but I can't wait to play it. Krogans are always good, yes.
    That's okay, post when you feel up to it. Tundra's working on a post ATM and I can always do something with Domitian to keep things going in the meantime.
    If you make a post, feel free to have Jahara notice Brask and do things to him. He isn't exactly subtle. xD
    That's when I get off school. I'm hoping to save it to watch as soon as I get off vacation so that I can make kind of an event out of watching it. I'm overly particular and make things hard for myself. xD
    I knooow! I'm excited, but... I still haven't watched Part 3. Avoiding spoilers for two months is going to be haaaaard.
    Yeah, same. I've really grown attached to Brask too. I've been sitting on his story for years, and I like the little cast that we have going on. xD
    I've got no clue, sorry. I hope so, since I've got plans for this, but I haven't heard anything from storymasterb since last month.
    All right then - I'll make note of that and update the RP topics. If you ever want to join again and we're at a point where I can take on more Rpers then feel free to try again if you have the time! :)
    Haha, it's certainly possible, depending on who Brask decides to set his sights on.

    Heh, I know what you mean. Oh? That sounds pretty interesting. Is your Digimon story posted on ff.net or anything?
    Awesome, can't wait to read it. I'm gonna try to get a post up today.

    Oh? You're writing Digimon stuff too? Cool. ^^ I love worldbuilding. I'm working completing a big backstory chapter for Holy War, myself.
    Hey, it's going pretty good. What about you?

    Awesome. I was just waiting for the plot to be moved along.
    I am alive! Kinda.. just no guarantee I can stay awake. :p
    The trip really kicked my butt more than I had thought, plus I have not slept enough since getting back.
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