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  • The thread is up! If RH doesn't respond for two weeks, we'll assume that the match is cancelled. Does that sound okay to you?
    Nooooo, my opponent's strength... Is over 1,800!!!
    Does it sound dumb I am saying that?

    By the way, are you a veteran?
    Just makes me want to dance. I'm the pearl to your oyster, I'm a babe. I'mma smoke Marlboro Reds and drink champagne. Donatelllaaaaaa 'cause she walks so bad like it feels so good
    gives me life

    It was the something anniversary of The Fame Monster this week. Such a good EP. Bad Romance, Alejandro, Monster, Speechless, Dance in the Dark, Telephone, So Happy I Could Die, Teeth... flawless 8.

    Chris Brown is just ew.

    Kellysus Clarkson of God. Gracing us with her divine presence just makes me wanna

    Idk, lesser known. Not linked to a label or even with an album out yet. Just releasing EPs here and there, carving out a little niche. Well, idk. Actually, there are tiers of lesser-known. There's that, with Florrie and Empress Of and Annie; then there are those with albums that never get talked about like twenty one pilots, Chelsea Wolfe and the Boxer Rebellion. idk, w/e
    Stay happy. Your happiness feeds me, as the fairytale princess residing over the pits of hell.
    Donatella still slays.

    Probably not. But this is the price we pay for unlimited free music, interruptions by ads every now and again. I'm good at dealing w/ it. You just gotta go to Mimi on your contacts, press delete... Lol, Mariah Carey's new song is such drivel. The Art of Letting Go? Let go of your career girl, it ain't happening.

    Artpop is still much more shallow than BTW as well TBH. Better than La Perrah, but lol. I guess I'm kinda hypocritical, because I like Gaga's image more and that's very unfair b/c you're just supposed to judge on music, but w/e. Gags just seems far more interesting. Maybe I'll give Prism another go. When I've finished being slayed by Elliesus Goding and her power.

    And for an American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson is surprisingly slay as well. I can't believe she was the first American Idol winner. She actually has so much more power compared to the entirety of talent-show winners ever, even has a Greatest Hits album out. And she deserves it.

    Have you ever heard some lesser-known artistes? I've been listening to Florrie, Annie and Empress Of. My hipster pop tastes slay.
    Male gaze theory, oop. Applause is better than when I first heard it in August, I like it more now. As a dancefloor track it's probs one of her best.
    For a solo headphone listen, Donatella is queen of this set. I am so FAB. I'm blonde, I'm skinny, I'm rich, I'm a little bit of a ***** #DEAD

    Oh well, it's OK. I understand why the ads are necessary. I just mute 'em lol.

    Listen soon and now. I can't believe some people think Prism is better, I struggled through Roar and then gave up on Unconditionally because god, Katy Perry is so boring. At least LG is wacko and conceptual and not so vanilla. Sigh.
    And then it totally came out on iTunes and in celebration I wrote a post. Woot. God, writing whilst listening to good ol' LG makes one mind go Freudian, if you understand my meaning.

    I like Swine and Gypsy more now.
    Fashion is just kinda blah, tbh, I just want to listen to something else halfway through. Even tho yelling 'Slay!' is kinda alright. Yeah, I'm putting it, JnD and Dope on the 'Skip when shuffling' pile. Don't want to even bother.

    I think iTunes Radio should be here by early 2014. Oh well, in the meantime I'll stick to Spotify. Gonna buy some Goldfrapp whenever the next opportunity is, I think. God, these Royal Marines ads are doing my head in, lol.

    But overall my faves are probs Artpop, Mary Jane Holland and Donatella. Holy trinity tbh. Actually, Venus and GUY... Maybe a holy five of like, Power Rangers or something. Hey, I'm skipping three tracks so the remaining can be the Olympus Twelve, lol.
    No, it's linked to 3DS.

    The problem with leaks is that I don't like download links because they tend to be from bad websites. And then, ugh, on YouTube you're lucky to find something that isn't pitched up and sped up to hell and back. And I am so immensely sensitive to changes in pitch lol. But of course, you wouldn't know if you've never heard the song before, thus corrupting your first impression. I think this one is clean and unedited, so it's your best bet.

    I miss the strong 'Hee Hees' in ARTPOP, you know? I hope they release the iTunes Festival version of that. And the Aura demo was better than the final version too :/ Don't get me wrong, I really like both of them, just... idk, when you've heard something that seems better. I will definitely be making use of Aura, Venus, G.U.Y., Sexxx Dreams, MANiCURE, DWUW, Artpop, Donatella, MJH and Applause at this point. Fashion!, Swine, Gypsy and Dope may be growers. Jewels 'n' Drugs... lol.
    It's legally available for streaming on iTunes Radio in America even tho the album isn't out until Monday. Why do we still not have iTunes Radio over here? This country, man.
    In the meantime I'm listening to random things on Spotify. M.I.A., Haim, Katy B, Lorde... all that good stuff.
    Not even going to happen tonight, lol. But by tomorrow, surely.

    But guess what, you're not going to spread the Froslove to me unless you click the little switch on the side of your 3DS and click the button at the top of the bottom screen to connect to the Internet. Because I want a Hidden Ability Snorunt, and I can't get that unless you've been online at the same time as me at once, tyvm.

    It's leaked. OMG, G.U.Y. and Donatella are both incredible. Haven't listened to the rest yet, but those two are bops. As long as Artpop, Aura and Sexxx Dreams are all similar to the iTunes Festival version then the album will be incredible.
    Been so long, it feels. Life is hard nowadays :(

    But ty for the Snorunt in your Friend Safari, sis. I'm going to raise me a Froslass. Eventually. One day. If I have time.
    Need to raise my second team first. Gonna be so slay. We got type coverage and crap up in this joint. But my Fairy-mono team is just unbelievably awesome. I love Fairy, such cute.

    Also, Venus and Do What U Want are incredible omg omg ARTPOP is gonna slay. I actually named all my Bold Serene Grace Togepi after the Artpop tracklist lol.
    Well, popping it up on my Netflix list then, thanks for the recommendation! I have hundreds of hours of television in front of me... ;-;

    I actually like kippers and hash and stuff though. British cuisine isn't that terrible.
    I <3 Rowan Atkinson. Though my first memories of him are from Mr. Bean, so hearing him talk at all is really bizarre. Haven't seen Fawlty Towers though. Is it particularly good? Sadly, I can't channel much of Britain into my writing. Obviously I need to eat more fish and chips or something.
    Aye aye. Or maybe I'll just go clubbing lol.

    It's a good dance track when the words blur lol. You're not paying quite so much attention then either.

    Indeed. You're so right. About everything. Evaerrrr
    Scratch that, Sex Dreams is my fave. Gonna be bopping to that on my 18th birthday rave <3
    I can already tell I'll love karaoke-ing it. ARTPOP, Aura, MANiCURE and Sex Dreams are all superb. Not so mad about the other ones, tbh. Applause is ok but some of the lyrics are messy. (I've overheard your theory "nostalgia's for geeks", I guess sir, if you say so, some of us just like to read) I mean, what? But the ones I do like slay lives. Only the true Pop Queen.

    Please, I'm totally Gaga. Art is pop and pop is art or some ****. Idk, some of the stuff she says is mind-bogglingly asinine lol. Well, you know, everyone loves an attention *****.
    Lol. What does that have to do with anything?

    Have you heard her full set from the iTunes Festival? Aura & ARTPOP give me life
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