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Last Activity:
Oct 5, 2017
Sep 8, 2008
Likes Received:
Jan 30, 1993 (Age: 27)
Northern Ireland.

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Well-Known Member, 27, from Northern Ireland.

Son_of_Shadows was last seen:
Oct 5, 2017
    1. Charminions
      I certainly am putting her up for trade if she's actually a wild and if I actually catch it so don't worry.
    2. Wordy
      Oh ffs whatever these new forum settings are, they're driving me around the bend. I can't do anything without Logging In any more. I've lost my lurker fanbase, which I've been assured is massive.

      You assume that my teacher is a WOMAN. That because they teach, they are automatically of the female inclination! Sir, what you opine would be found in an awful 15th century novel. Simply despicable.
      ... No, she wasn't amused.
      I have to stick by my principles, you know.

      Too right it is.

      A poet, I am. A philosopher, a poet and a pretty powerful pianist.

      Oh pleeeease. Like any cool cats would consort with cu...reatures of your calibre. (:P)

      Bless you and your nerve singular.

      Well, you know the solution to your eye problem.

      I know you find being surprised unpleasantly displeasing.


      It's a naughty song, explicit.

      Stay blessed and not pressedT.

      My brain's all muddled too, join the collective club of love.

      HAHAHAHAHA. Like you believe that twaddle, force-fed to you by evil saints.

      It's weird, it's quite unconventional.
    3. Wordy
      Also, I heard the film's version of One Day More the other day...

      tbh, it doesn't compare to the 25th and/or 10th anniversaire editions :/
      It's like, I know that they don't have to belt it because it's a film as opposed to stage, and it wasn't like it was bad...
      But I felt so underwhelmed.
    4. Wordy
      One of our teachers said 'Revise' in the whole-year assembly before we went home. Reaction:
      First silence, then some guys started booing, lol.

      Re: school being stupid

      Fairness is a virtue, comme fearlessness or righteousness.
      Everyone is purposefully obtuse, it makes things more fun.

      I don't see how you would know what cool guys look at.

      I shall stop, for the sake of your nerves.

      Well, that's something that can be sorted out then. Get better ones.

      Your confusion is as music to my ears.

      Sis, if you keep up with this bad behaviour you will be forcibly JAILED

      Sis, you peaked too early.

      You know how blessed you have been this day.

      What do you think?

      My fearrrr
    5. Wordy
      Well, whatever sis. I shall stay in the now. Leave the future until next year, it cramps one's style.
      Girl, I am the best. Scored a B in a mock-mock Geography as well, again v. good, fabulous. And straight As in every History mock. Bien.

      Purposefully obtuse, darling.

      Because les Explosions est awesome, darl.


      You need better specs, grandfather.

      Embracing pride=/=arrogance.

      Don't get mad, ho, or I will school you.
      Exxxx-squeeze me, when were you ever un EXPERT on EFFORT
      Proof of SoS laziness and hypocrisy: "I wrote as much as I could really think to say... I'M SORRY"

      These plans, sis, are good concepts. Their potential realisation would come as a shock.
      It's totes hilar that Sigmund and Halberd, single men, got lots of relationship-related questions. It's like, if you're eligible enough then WHY NO GIRLFRIEND
      Sis, there comes a time when one begins to fear for the future. I only hope that these fears are proved irrational by Christmas time.
    6. Wordy
      Well, the second draft is due in tomorrow so it's not too bad. The rest of the week is fine on the whole. The big problem is mock exams on the week we come back- I have French and History on the 8th, Geography on the 9th and English on the 10th. It sucks baaaad.
      They were still the highest-graded first drafts in the whole class, as well. Most of my friends got Ds, lol.

      Special privilege, darling. Don't you c?

      Aww, it had its charms. Power Rangers was sooo fun. I also remember Cardcaptors. That was great.


      It was so obvious.

      Don't be a sissy, embrace your pride.

      Or maybe it wasn't, slag. You mad?
      WHAT ARE YOU SAYING. Sometimes simplicity is an art form.

      And now I know what all your questions were, and how short your answers are MWAHAHAHAHAHA
      But some of these things are hilar. I mean, wow, Halberd has a crush on Ciara and would kill Josh to up his chances. DESPICABLE. You've got to do something!
      But seriously, of all the characters I would have thought Ciara was the least likely to have much romance going on :lol
      So you did, and hurray. Nice post. Now, maybe Zinc will finally post.
    7. Wordy
      Oh, well isn't that just adorable. One more week pour moi. And I have second draft EngLit coursework to hand in. Joy of joys~
      Because my target grade is an A and my first drafts were Cs, I'm praying that they'll let me be done with it by... March?

      A modicum of modesty would not go amiss.

      The video it comes from is even better. I think it's a Power Rangers villain, maybe? It definitely looks like one, lol. Oh, Power Rangers villains. You are the villains of my childhood, in your lovely rubber suits. Seeing your costumes fills me with unbearable nostalgia.

      As per, I am proven correct.

      Sis, all girls are witches. Don't you c?

      You do. Aren't you proud of yourself?

      Sequel hasn't told anyone anything in a loooong time. Maybe it was Zinc, though, ho.
      Or maybe just... mental.

      Hahahaha. NO. But now I know what one of your questions was! It's hilarious.
      Oh you and your life. You silly dope. You rotten fool, half-baked lack of wit.
    8. Wordy
      You are so irresponsible. Why are you drunk? Is it due to your raging alcoholism?

      You are such a primadonna. 'Oh, I want people to LOOK AT ME'

      Stop frowning, if the wind changes your face will freeze into a horrible twisted expression.

      You want me to spell it out, sis?

      Exactamundo sis.

      You are forever alone. Somebody told me just the other day that the only lover they can envisage for you is empty space.
      You are such a weepy twerp.

      Was it now? Are you going to fight me?

      Something about a Shadow maybe? What's YOUR GUESS as to MY QUESTION
      Didn't you say you were going to post by Tuesday, slave? What is the excuse?
    9. Wordy
      That's a bit OTT, TBH. Are you at that point in the cycle?

      Me neither. Just shut yer trap and move on.

      Ikr? Anyone who's anyone can do it. Just ask your best female friend, any woman can do this.

      Master of WHAT?
      Everything and anything and nothing. All things fall underneath my jurisdiction.

      Feh, your shock is as bullets to my armour.

      Awww, nobody loves you? Poor sad :(
      Oh sweetie. How cute.

      Finish it yourself, what am I?

      8 possibilities, hm? Tres bien. I'm glad that you got your greasy mitts on what you were after. I can't wait to see everyone's results, uh-huh.
    10. Wordy

      That is the difference, true. What are you trying to say?

      In the corner of a different universe, pleeeeease.

      Exactly, you've learned well.
      Well, really, of course.


      So gracious and good-tempered.
      D'awwwww. But yeah, Act 1 has all the solid recognisable stuff. Act 2 is like HEW

      Well, if you Googled her you'd end up with

      Or hers. Maybe it's me, and I'm deliberately holding back due to an undisclosed personal reason.
      Or is it?
      Maybe you have your questions by now? Or is it? Heeheehee.
      I mean, you could guess what question was mine but there are ~a billion possibilities.
    11. Wordy
      I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'R'.

      Hm? I'm not sure what you're implying. Can women not give other women massages?

      Quoi? Qu'est-ce que C'EST? You don't get any victories, you dope.

      C'est vrai.

      I'm sorry, I thought you had a 'victory' in the bag. No point in a victory if you can't do anything with it. Dope.
      Bien. I am always helpful.


      Always correct.
      Oh well excusez-moi, monsieur. I am so sorry. Please accept my humblest 'lolz'.
      Act 1>Act 2 for me. Something with tempo for me, thank you. Exactamundo, you have no hway of knowing. So you'll take my word for it that I'm an excellent contralto. [IMG]

      Yes. Obscurely.

      Well, I can't possibly tell you that, but I can reveal that it has nothing to do with love and relationships... or is it?
    12. Wordy
      Your reliance on others is soooo weak and meek. Be a strong, independent black woman who don't need no man!

      What is obvious, you shrieking har-pay?

      Your tears are lacking in basic vitamins and minerals due to your lack of appropriate diet. So un-nourishing.

      What? I don't want to listen to your whining, dear.

      It's not authentically Chinese unless there are lots of tourists taking photos in the background, so get on that.
      After you're done, you go to Thailand, become lady-boy.

      Sis, you did not just try that. I will SIMMER YOU and then CHOP YOU and then DICE YOU and then COOK YOU and then EAT YOU.

      It's because it's the hair you want for when you're a woman.
      She is hilarious, though, but I bought the Moranthology on the day it came out so you're really a touch late to the party uh-huh.
      I love the upbeat stuff, Master of the House is delicieux. I don't like slow, sad songs, upsetting me. I think I could do a glamorous Madame Thenardier, personellement.

      He's actually an Architect. Bizarre. She's a Writer, but doesn't seem to do much work and is always out somewhere. Very Sex and the City.

      You're lucky, my original question for Joshua was a 'Shag/Marry/Avoid' but I changed it. Hee.
    13. Wordy
      Forgot the accompanying gif. It fits any statement.

      Also, the fact that someone forgot you is hilariously pitiful.

      I actually thought of you first
      but only out of disgust.
    14. Wordy
      There are many solutions to these problems. You are soooooo inside-the-box, sis, you walk with a stooping, hunched, crunched-together gait as a result of THE BOX trapping your MOVEMENT due to how far in it you are. C?

      Sis, the fact that you know the difference between a masseuse and a masseur BOILS YOU LIKE LOBSTER MEAT.
      (Your victory arrives at the station on the 21st NeVeR)

      You recognise the possession of superiority rests with me. I have the right to possess here. .You can only COVET and WEEP big TEARS of SADNESS.

      The only revolution you'll be sanctioning is the one where your foot gets trapped in a revolving door as my fist rests upon your face.

      PEKING? 'tis a real place, is true.
      Sis, 'tis the role you were created for. If you were important enough to be written in the stars, that would be what would be written.

      There is no place deeper than your bones, you silly SoS. Did you fail basic BIOLOGY? YOU ARE LOOKED DOWN UPON AND WEPT AT

      It's her wit.
      Is it weird that I've been loving Les Mis recently? Just watched the 25th Anniversary Concert whilst singing along. CANNOT WAIT FOR THE FILM. 13TH JANUARY, I WILL BE THERE. 2hrs40mins of SHEERRRRR CINEMA. But hilariously enough the only song I hum in ordinary life is 'Lovely Ladies', even if I like the Thenardiers' songs more (Waltz of Treachery is great). I love a bawdy song about prossies, me.

      I am looking forward too. Joshua and Ciara were made as boyfriend/girlfriend, Sim-universe thanks to story progression they already got married. (Miyuki/Izzy just got engaged).
    15. Wordy
      Kiiiiiii sis you know that all see it, so why do you deny it? Your style and (haw) fluency clearly highlight the feminine sensibilities you are possessed by.
      See, gurl. You like being massaged, kiiiii. Do you prefer a masseuse or a masseur? #BOILING

      Do you c how cutting I can b?

      The idea that you could believe such BLATANT LIES

      Kiiiiii, Aladdin. So good. Aladdin is like amazing. Qui est Gruber? Ohhhhh, I am cognisant. SIS, you were made for that part, with your combination of flamingness, intolerance and self-hatred. I am so proud of you MY BABY.

      HAHAHA because it's you, no
    16. Wordy
      Sis, I am still on the brink of a massive down-break don't you know. My me is decentralised.

      How dare! You will be boiled by political science poet Wordy.

      Well, you know if you do... apparently Zinc is posting tomoz anyways (:lol)

      Oh, panto? Quelle surprise. Bien. Very good. Which one? Oh yes, Allo Allo. Which part have you?

      BUT SHE'S ON THE TELLY. Your qualifications in that regard are lacking. Speak not, look not, opine not. None shall.

    17. Wordy
      I felt like a dead person. Or I wanted to be a dead person.

      You're stupid. And/or old. Senile. Stupid old senile SoSage.

      Hwell guess what, I just posted and it was GLORIOUS. It's open-ended again, so response or not it's up to you.

      It's weird. I don't know whether or not I have a lot to do yet I guess. Hey, do you have any actory things to do then?

      BUT DAVINA MCCALL SAID WOMEN LOOK OLD. We need new facial rejuvenation tech before our faces fall off and WE DIE
    18. Wordy
      I dunno. Something baaaaad. I felt like a dead person.

      It's the depth and character of the sick voice. It's quite extraordinary. But you wouldn't understand because.

      Ha, that's your best imitation?
      I mean, seriously?

      What is even happening again? I mean, the illness completely scrambled my thoughts but anyway :/
      Let's hope that the holidays mean activity. Let's have an evening party do thing.

      YOU KNOW, THE ONES FOR SKIN CREAM. "They're wrinkles, not laughter lines!" I MEAN COME ON
    19. Wordy
      Guess what? I had that relaxing time. Seven days.

      Of course, I didn't feel like I was relaxing, because I was delirious and in bed. Oh, life, you are so wonderful. Seriously, whenever I got up, it was like
      "Oh my god it's my friend the door! Hi door!"

      On the bright side, I've caught up on my TV and tried so many new flavours of soup it was like a culinary journey.

      Feeling sort of better now, although I still have a throaty voice. At least my nose is no longer a waterfall. But someone said my ill voice was super-hot so the healthy people just gotta accept my #Xmas2012WordyIllnessAftermathDomination

      OK, tomorrow. Tomorrow is Saturday. That's my day. (IT'S ALSO THE 1ST DECEMBER ONLY 24 DAYS TO GO AFTER TOMORROW OMGGGGGGGG)

      I know, it feels like just the other day that we were doing our Christmas stuff in the OP thread last year, with the cute messages and love-giving. Boy, this year has been hard on all of us, the BOSS thread in comparison to our #Xmas2011OverpoweringPastChartTopping is weak. I don't think we've fallen out of love with it, it's just been tough times.

    20. Wordy

      Oh wow, it's been over a month :lol
      I guess I should get on a post of my own, but I'm essentially a Saturday-only girl now. Sunday evenings are slap-dash homework.

      And now I'm into EngLit coursework. Funfunfun
      An essay (1500 words) and a recreative piece+commentary (1500 words as well)

      God, next Saturday is the 1st December!!!!!!
      In 2 Saturdays time, it's the 8th December!!!
      In 3 Saturdays time, it's the 15th!
      And in 4 Saturdays time, I'm on Christmas break! Alleluia.

      I'm getting so many vidya games for Christmas, it's unreal. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Assassin's Creed III, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Borderlands 1 GOTY Edition, Pokemon White 2, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed... 4 Saturdays and 2 days after that! I can make it!!!!

      It was incredible. Can't wait for S2 in.... 2013???? Makes me feel oldd.
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    Jan 30, 1993 (Age: 27)
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