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  • Well, you're the person who cares about my education so I got my results today. AABB! (and an A in General Studies, but #neaux1curr bout dat)
    100% on my English Literature paper, so happy. On the other hand, I scraped the A in History by two marks and the B in French by two marks.
    Merely four marks off an A in Geography after what I was convinced was an awful performance, but I'm still stopping anyways. I've hated it all year and had zero fun. I know you don't go there to have fun, but seriously. It's been a nightmare.

    I think I'm going to be predicted A*AB next year for the three I'm carrying on, so I'm going to be focusing on AAB-ABB universities.

    So happy in general, though! So happy!
    I'm finally writing that post with Sequel, and Zinc told me to do what I am going to do soooo yeaah. Sorry if it messes up any plans, but I gotta take my orders from the big bossman if I want to stay ferocious.
    Come on then, give me your PSN ID.

    (These controls are weird for a fighter, lol. I'm sucking kinda bad.)
    Exams make workaholics of us all. A-levels are the worstest things ever.

    Current Mood:

    Convinced my English coursework folder isn't good enough, and I'm sure my French Speaking was a trainwreck for no real reason. I hope it was fine. I started strong then petered out towards the end, lol.
    Had a double-whammy on Tuesday, History in the morning and my worst Geography module in the afternoon. Put it this way, I went to my friend's house afterwards and had several vodkas, culminating in a teary-eyed confession of love to a vacuum cleaner.
    Today, my English exam itself was all right, and I was buzzing at the end, but now my opinion has gone south and I think I was overly cocky earlier and now I'm just thinking about all the stuff I could have done wrong.

    Another double-whammy on Tuesday (French Listening/Reading/Writing, Human Geography) then my last exam next Wednesday is another History. Sigh. I have some confidence in French, aside from the make-or-break essay, but I've memorised some key phrases ("Il est bien connu que INSERT DANGEROUS SUBSTANCE HERE est à l'origine de maladies mortelles. La question est donc de savoir comment faire prendre conscience aux gens du danger qu’ils courent"). Human Geography is all right I guess, and British History is blech.

    I'll mop the floor with you next week, how's about that? Haven't even gotten the game yet lol. And I can't believe they're still being so audacious as to charge for the DLC after all this.

    This work of Bliv's is so fierce.
    Do you actually think I could care for them even if I tried?

    Actually, I think I left one of them in the oven just now.
    I bet.

    No, the kitties stay until I remember why I started to threaten you in the first place.


    I'm still not too pleased, but whatever. I like the grovelling, it's a nice touch.
    That pun was dreadful.

    Hee, but better late than never amirite? Don't worry, I couldn't stay mad if I tried ;)

    Re-watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony right now. God, I'm such a patriot.
    Oh, England. How can those lessors compare to your greatness?
    My birthday in a week ;) Got my provisional license, soon I shall be on the roads. But seriously, my photo looks nothing like me. I've realised how much of my expression is in my *smile* and *sparkly eyes* :)lol, but you know what I mean). The girl on my license does not resemble me. At all. She looks like an apathetic axe assassin. :p

    Sorry about lack of anything from me. Ffs, coursework deadlines are the worst. And wordcount limits. It's like, why limit me? Just... ew. I mean, I can be concise, but there're SO MANY THINGS FOR ME TO SAY. I'm going over by like 100 each time. Which is really annoying.
    In one of the most meta things ever, my English teacher has taken to calling me 'Wordy'. Seriously. That's what my essays seem like to her.
    Hey man!
    It should be a nice pairing at least :p I'll just have JP have a slight talk with Jones as he fetches some wooden swords (we really shouldn't have them fight with real ones). However, JP's kinda trying to overcompensate for being gone, and he's kinda irked that Jones called him a newbie swordsman, so Josh is gonna get mauled
    Be warned
    Ohhh yeah and by-the-by, I saw Les Mis today avec ma mere.
    She welled up every five minutes, I was far more sober and cried about three times. The cinema applauded at the end, which I found kinda weird but also touching.

    Anne Hathaway was wonderful. And Sam Barks. Maybe it's because they got the belters 'I Dreamed A Dream' and 'On My Own' but yeah, absolutely incredible. And then I wept because FANTINE DIED. AND EPONINE DIED. For me personally, though, the Thenardiers stole the show. All the little touches they added just made it wow. Master of the House, especially, got so much better when you saw all those hilarious methods of fleecing patrons. I suppose it's because it's more of a bawdy song to begin with so it doesn't need that belting wow factor. And then at the end... oh my god. Them being carried out was just totes hilaire.

    Young Eponine was nice to see, it was cool to see how her and Cosette's paths sort of went like opposites. Some of what the film did to broaden the scenes was great

    But wow, all the money. Some of those sets were just wooooow. Like, seriously, the prostitutes hung out in some old rusted ship that looked a teensy bit awesome not that I would like to become a prostitute but yeah IT LOOKED GREAT (not being a prostitute, the place where they hung out)

    On a slightly more critical note, I found Eddie Redmayne's singing a bit, ummmm... it's hard to describe. There was a quality to his voice that I found it difficult to take seriously, you know? It was only some notes to be fair.
    Also, I completely didn't get that Valjean was actually old at the end until I checked when I got home. But that may just be because any attempts to make Hugh Jackman, my future husband, old fail . And it's hilarious that Amanda Seyfried is sort of... there and then not there. Probs because Cosette is so incidental. And I guess the source material.

    And Revenge is back on/has been back on for the past few weeks so yes
    Ohhhhhh sis, you clever semantic boy. Girl. Gurl. Whatever. So you shall get Internet and try to spar with me, huh? Won't that be darling. Nah jk looking forward to it
    My matches against TSR were occasionally lagfests so maybe you'll be better and I need a new partner anyways
    I'm sure you're all three things. Say you're going to prove your manliness once and for all in a contest of strength. If he believes you and is supportive, then he'll hand it over.

    But why just P4A? Is there anything else possessed for the PS3? And why did you not tell me before, I feel such resentment dans mon coeur.

    Aww, that is tres adorable. You three, snuggled up. I used to watch it. I watched the first two seasons, then I fell asleep during Season 3 so yeah completely lost that plot
    The twist of who the woman was in Series 1 was probably one of the most unexpectedly shocking things in my telly-watching career... then again, considering I was, wow, 11/12 at the time I think, the concept of transsexuals was still rather new.
    I so do. So you should watch out.

    What's with that '~'-ing, sis?

    Sis. You know it. Take your seat... over there.

    Ikr? Actually, we've been told that -tion words are generally feminine. Most of them are. But there are always exceptions. The first question after a teacher teaches us tricks/general grammar/whatever- 'Are there any exceptions?' OR 'Are there any irregulars?' Dear me.


    And in your journey I'll hide it where the journey began, thus meaning stuff.

    On an actual serious 'I want info from my elders' dealio, what are the associated costs with uni and stuff? I suppose I've got to start thinking about that, considering how I just sent of £50 for my provisional driving license. This is when all the real life stuff happens. I realised today that I'll be sending off applications for university in eight months' time or so. So yeah, knuckling down and w/e.
    And we're currently studying Ireland in the early 20th century in History, so I'm just curious, are you from Northern Ireland or Ireland Ireland?
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