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  • Exactly.

    No you won't. Your staccato sentences suggest slight... rebellion.

    So, have you been amazing? Are you being consistently amazing, every step you take? If not, improvement may be required.
    No, you're nice.

    Because if you don't rein the crazy in, you're headed for un institution

    Your wings are of no consequence to your poor dear mummy, god bless her.
    I was being absolutely serious.

    Your prize is over there.
    Fetch is not a thing, and it will never be a thing.

    Because. C'est la vie.

    Sis, go for the goal.
    If it is decreed by moi, it must be done by toi.

    So then we're agreed. You won't argue.

    Sis, rein those crazinesses innnnn.

    A correspondence course with a Swedish diplomat.


    OH, so you'll get your degree and then do it! Now it all makes sooooo much sense. I'm sure there are ways of finding bursaries and scholarships and monetary thingummies. Cool, so there are places in Ireland. I'm clueless. Poor dear your mother, being stuck with an inferior brother.
    Are you being racially-insensitive and misinterpreting the gif? IT'S NOT LITERALLY YOUR MOTHER WHO GAVE BIRTH TO YOUR FOOL SELF. Just a lady copying the actions your mother will take, arm-wiggling and all.

    What was intentional? I see nothing out of the ordinary.
    You'll get some some day.
    TA-DAH. You get A PRIZE.

    It's only a natural reaction, sis.
    Cromulently fetch.


    There is always a way wherever there is a will.


    Too far, sis.

    Bears are very clever. One told me how it had learned the English language.


    Drama school? But aren't you already in uni? So are you like going to transfer, or something... Never heard of any drama school in Ireland, but what do I know? Why don't you think about your mummy more? She will be soooooo DEVASTATED
    [IMG]<your mother
    Sigh, siiiiiis, do you have no monetary worth? No heirlooms or nomenclature?
    Totes. Let's positive thinking, dude.

    I do like the Hypnotoad, but myself more.
    Yay. I'm glad everyone's so happy to have me back. :D And my beloved characters of course. Heck, I'm happy to have them back.

    Well, the good news is I should be able to open up some time on weekends now. I can't promise anything on school days, but weekends I should be able to log on, if nothing else. Gonna be putting a limit on my active RPs though. No more running several at once for me. :p Gonna be working on a few projects for summer though, for sure, though I may not GM one again until then.
    Well, I managed to resurrect my Serebii account if that says anything. :p

    Things have been going better since Christmas-time, more or less. The last few months of 2012 were hectic.
    I'm as happy that I'm not dead as you are.

    And yeah... I can relate. Though for me it was 2012. 2013 is actually being a little nice to me.
    Well, isn't that fetch.

    Sis, you seem to have a memory malfunction. Poor dear Blivsey. Poor, poor dear Blivsey. I know, I didn't count Zinc. Right now of the people we know for certain are still alive, there's me, you, Zinc, nie, Ysa, Bliv, Viv, Kirby and IF. C?

    Pfffft, sis, you know your exam'll be on the 18th. That's like, nature and fate working together to royally screw you sideways and all the other ways.

    Siiiiis, je deteste pigeons. Nothing personal from the grammar queen, tu comprends? I hate them. They should be shot. And hung.

    A masterful masterpiece? Your kindness is beyond moi.

    Oui. A very clever boy, n'est-ce pas?


    Why would you leave in a year and a half? Where would you go? Who would look after you? Have you thought about your mother's opining?

    I'm sure you're like, super-strong. Mate.
    OH MY GOD THAT'S LIKE ANCIENT. Not wishful thinking but you know people have to be kind to their elders so then they get left lots of money in a willlll
    That'll be nice. It's the small things that make a day brilliant.

    Bien. I like this reverence.
    Sis, you did! You're so sweet. It's the thought that counts. But it was good. 1/2 of our required people have posted now before we can move on yaaaaay
    (Geez, there are only eight of us, I realised. And only four of you have been since the beginning not counting Zinc, :lol)
    Just looked up my summer exams, and now I wish I didn't >_> Six exams over an eight day period... and I've got a clash. So it'll be me and this other girl in quarantine for however long it has to be. I've also got two on the first day, which is brutal. On the bright side, I'll have three days after the first one... then the weekend and Monday, then the clashing two, then the final one on Wednesday.
    So from the 14th-22nd May, I will be dead to you. In fact, probs for the whole of May up to that point. Gawd.
    I think I have General Studies second half on the 23rd, but that's not a real subject :p

    They do, don't they? One tried to fly into my face the other day, but I knew what it was about and dodged it expertly using sonic waves. Shut up, I did not run away from a pigeon whilst screaming. It's not my fault it had ENTERED A SHOP. Clearly, the pigeons are into indie shoe shops. Confined spaces, man.

    THE END.
    I c u have no ideas.

    Sigh, sis, you read my mind and used my words to create your sentences. Truly, she is nought more.


    Sis, I c. C'est la vie, I guess.

    As well as you're A-OK now.
    You are old, aren't you? Oh well, I'm sure you'll find beaucoup de temps in there somewhere, and everyone will be really nice to you. Or something.

    :lol mock results. Got a B in History, B in Geography, C+ (one mark off a B) in French (top of the class, most of the others got Us :lol, I got a solid 79/110), and then Eng we haven't got it back but I have no positive feelings. Meh, I'm not bothered. Aside from the French. That was awesome. I was called the Grammar Queen because I got all that section right, too. Sis, u c?

    Oh sis, I c.
    We did General Studies on Friday, actually. Didn't get a choice in the matter, even though no good universities like it. I can't believe people can choose to study that as a subject for two years. We did no prep and everyone felt reasonably satisfied. I swear, you'd have to be illiterate and literally incapable of forming coherent sentences to fail. And even then.

    Well, there are many things on this planet called Earth. Such as trees. And flowers. And pretty birdies.

    I try not to if I can avoid it.

    Sis, her life was so empty it was like a broken glass that had previously been half-empty but had just smashed itself to death out of its own sheer stupidity. Smashing other glasses on te way down in its selfishness, too. Sigh.

    Pffffft that's true #deceased

    Why not? I can start learning on my birthday and have already applied for a provisional license. I just imagine it to be so useful. Then again, I suppose it depends on where you live.

    Nooooo, sis :( Don't be sick, be.... salacious? (Wow, that's actually a word? I just made it up)
    Why oh dear? Be happy. Yaaaaaaay birthday going to have a special day dedicated to you.
    Sis, do you mind if I say that Joshua left Ciara's room at 9.45 saying he'd meet her later? I don't mind earlier or later tbh. But it'd probs be easier for both of us to know where we're going if they both got some alone reflection time before going out, you dig, sis?

    Poor sad SoS. So sadddddd. Sadddddd. Seasonal Affective Disorder. Is a thing.

    Whenever I read my written work out loud I sound like a pompous ***** due to my sophisticated vocabulary... I get embarrassed by it.
    Love ya.

    Otherwise you'd be screwed over.

    God bless your soul. Your helpless but in need of help soul.

    Oh my sweet lawd, what is all this ruckus?

    Go to chrome://plugins/ and disable a program with these sorts of descriptors like this:
    Location: .....\PepperFlash\pepflashplayer.dll
    Type: PPAPI (out-of-process)
    And then download the proper Flash from the Shockwave website. There we go, your problems are solved.

    Because I was past caring for what it was she was trying to take revenge by doing. Two birds, one stone.


    Don't say that. You could be weirder.....
    For one thing, you could be in multiple RPGs on the Internet.

    Because. You are. That's it.

    You take the train to university? Whyyyyyyy
    You sound very strangeeeeeee.

    Guess how much revision I've done for my mocks? I've done jackshit. Looooooool. I am soooooo dead, but whatever, I have never done work over the Christmas holiday and I don't intend on starting now.
    Going to see The Hobbit tomorrow. The amount I care. There is no caring.
    Oh, ****, the holiday's practically over, isn't it. Ugh. I hate that. School invariably depresses me. I feel so happy in the holidays when I've been cut loose of all the bull.
    Oh well, at least now there are only 39 days until my birthday! Whoopwhoop. But it's on a school day :( At least Thursday is an all right day. Better than Monday.
    That's perfectly fine. I don't mind waiting, I'm just glad people are signing up ^_^ I look forward to it!
    Ew, that's sad.

    I know, right? It's sooooo annoyingly poor.
    You are already disregarded.

    Exactamundo, my little friend.

    Excuse me, what do you meaaaaan? I do not need help more than THOU.

    What an amazing thing to happen so suddenly. I am quite surprised by this rapid turn of events.

    Which browser do you use? If it's Chrome, there's a fix.

    She needed an ice bath after I was done with her, put it that way. And her feeble attempt at 'revenge' didn't even work, because

    More handsome than you.


    I don't do New Year Resolutions either, you silly. Silly dope.

    Where are you going on the train to?
    Neither can I. Imagi-naaaa-tion.

    Themselves. Or something. Idk. God, some of my friends on Twitter post some really inane shite. It makes me want to cut their Internet access.
    Coy. Is a word. Beginning with 'C'. There are many words beginning with C people have used to describe me in the past, especially drunk people!
    The word is... cool.

    I know right, cynical people make me want to jump on their fat heads. I am a sarcastic optimist, which sounds like an oxymoron but actually isn't.

    Not unless you do it first, looooooser

    Sis, calloo callay? What is this, lalal lands.


    No because they lack love and human interaction. Also, a good friend of mine who is now trapped in SCANDALOUS EVENTS and is no longer such a good friend told me that if I wasn't in a relationship it reflected badly upon me and what was wrong with me; and really she must be an expert due to the amount of relationships she seems to have in such short time frames. :lol

    Qu'est-ce que c'est?

    It makes me feel cosy.

    The amount of wrong in 2012 is disheartening. But now, 2013! Decision time. I'm going to learn to drive, I'm going to have to apply to universities sooon... World is my oyster-shaped paradise. J'espere.

    Things you need? Comme les nouveau spectacles, je crois? L'alcool? Je ne suis pas surprised, darling.
    I've watched Amelie thrice in the past week. SUCH A LOVELY FILM. It makes me feel all goooey.
    Oh, I can sympathize with that. However, I would have to at least offer her to others as well to give everyone a fair chance.
    Hee, are they? Idk.

    God, do you believe everything that's written in some old book? No wonder humanity needs saving.
    What did I do now?

    Miracles don't exist.

    As a purveyor of prose, possibly perusing perfection.

    Be merry and jolly, sir.

    I feel like it. As opposed to hawhawhaw GIFSTORM.

    Pfffffftttt. The world'll judge you forever. By what's wrong with you. Because you have no girlfriend.

    I'll pay handsomely.

    They make me feel so wonderful when I'm inside as the wind howls around the house. So cool.

    Yeah, next time. Pffft.

    That's cute. It's nice.

    There have been too many problems in 2012, sigh.

    Soooo, how's your haul? My cutest present was a set- posh Twinings cocoa, cream, marshmallows and a fresh mug. Hot chocolate is like my favourite drink in winter and I just found it unbelievably sweet that someone could go to all that trouble just for me.
    Also, of course, tons of chocolate (mmmmm) and video games. Well, you know. And some books too. Plus DVDs! (I actually got Amelie! As well as TDKR and Avengers)
    UNIMAGINABLY SO. I mean, do you see all the lurkers signing up just to get my autograph?

    My pride and my prejudices. Principles only get one so far in this life.

    When the occasion calls for it, one supposes your correctness is a necessary part of any bargain, treacherous or otherwise.

    A liar is so lenient in lubricating the less lubricious aspects of their lies.

    I dare say you overreach yourself, squire. God forbid you should do anything that offends an alliterative Amazon such as myself.

    Blessings are rare in this cruel life, one must take them as one finds them; no matter the amount of nerves one has, a blessing always rings truly.

    The lack of finances makes you a poor match for any aspiring young gentlewoman. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. Therefore, with no fortune to speak of you must want no wife and will be forever a bachelor.

    The rot has crept and crawled so deeply into you? Why, an exorcist may be required to remove the blight from your good person.

    When one is used to listening to the sounds of waves crashing in, occasionally one may prefer a change to the sound of a howling wind.

    The first meeting was now. You missed the inauguration ceremonies. There were many of them.

    And a Merry Christmas to you too! I actually just went to Mass for the first time. It was very quiet and peaceful, kinda nice. Plus, the preaching man was very kind and sweet.
    It's been ages since I sung hymns or anything, so my voice felt weird and hoarse. Then at the end I lit three candles as tribute to three people and went on my way.

    I hope that 2013 slays 2012. 2012 hasn't been so hot.
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