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Sonic Boom
Last Activity:
Sep 22, 2019 at 1:36 PM
Aug 23, 2008
Likes Received:
Mar 14, 1990 (Age: 29)
Tropical Resort

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Sonic Boom

@JohanSSB4 Twitter, 29, from Tropical Resort

Sonic Boom was last seen:
Viewing thread September 29th: SM141 - Final Battle! Satoshi VS Kukui!!, Sep 22, 2019 at 1:36 PM
    1. LadyTriox
      Hi :3 Sonic games are cool^^ Wanna be friends?
    2. AuraChannelerChris
      When are you replacing that...horrifying signature of yours?
    3. Auraninja
      Thoughts on Sonic Mania/Forces?
    4. Auraninja
      You know, for $12, Sonic Generations 3DS isn't bad.

      BTW, I was joking with you prior to the release. (I don't know why I got that flighty.)
    5. Auraninja
      I've been in Houston and Lubbock, but most of my time, including now is in East Texas (aka, the Louie Gohmert region).
    6. Auraninja
      It's more telling about our current condition than anything. You have no need to apologize.

      I think we both live in Texas, though, am I right?
    7. Auraninja
      Did you make that post in the debate prior to seeing my own?

      I'm asking because we both brought the same incident up.
    8. Navin
      Gotcha. Yeah I'm sure Detroit has need of such professions.

      That's cool. I don't think UofM has a Forensics program. Michigan has a strong Chemistry program though.
    9. Navin
      (Am from Michigan). What type of jobs are you considering?

      That's good to hear. What school?
    10. Navin
      Ah where do you plan on going once you graduate?

      Yeah, this class is the hardest one in the department. Frankly, I just want to get a B- (or higher). That still keeps my GPA in decent shape, but isn't some unrealistic standard either.
    11. Navin
      Ah, what are you majoring in?

      Taking my last class at university this semester. Although I am quite nervous upon taking it, since it's a language class and I am years removed from last studying it.
    12. Navin
      What's up?
    13. Atari
      I love your signature! I'm a huge FEA fan. C:
    14. Lord Trollbias
      Lord Trollbias
      Yeah. I get that Bonnie is the 4th Wheel of the group but it'd be nice to see her do more. But as you said the writers are playing it too safe.
    15. Lord Trollbias
      Lord Trollbias
      Yeah. Not feeling the Amour hype. At least Serena is doing something now and hopefully her interactions with Ash will get better (still waiting for some meaningful Ash/Bonnie interactions)
    16. Lord Trollbias
      Lord Trollbias
      The Pokemon Anime has it out for all of us xD. So many arguments of many have been killed off by a single episode as well.
    17. goodra power
      goodra power
      Do you want to be friends I have none because I just started?
    18. goodra power
      goodra power
      I like skylanders too. ;)
    19. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Well, Xenoblade's remake is coming soon, and I just wanted your opinion on something.

      What would you think of a Xenoblade movie?
    20. Auraninja
      Just to discuss with you. The problem with the Rayman leak was that the footage was not "definitive". The difference between the Rayman footage and the ESRB leak footage, is that the ESRB leak had actual fighting that would be hard to replicate. The Rayman leak had no such luxury.

      But hey, I didn't think it was absolutely fake either. I just wanted to get some words down.
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    Mar 14, 1990 (Age: 29)
    Tropical Resort
    Favourite Pokémon:


    Wii U NNID: SonicBoom93​