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Sonic Boom
Last Activity:
Nov 20, 2019 at 5:46 PM
Aug 23, 2008
Likes Received:
Mar 14, 1990 (Age: 29)
Tropical Resort

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Sonic Boom

@JohanSSB4 Twitter, 29, from Tropical Resort

Sonic Boom was last seen:
Nov 20, 2019 at 5:46 PM
    1. Tom Nook
      Tom Nook
      They all have different aliases don't they? Kojiro was Habunake before his permaban and I think Luigi The Breloom is Metarobo.

      And damn I've been inactive these last few days *starts posting again*
    2. Pokemonmaster Bill
      Pokemonmaster Bill
      yeah your right about that
    3. Pokemonmaster Bill
      Pokemonmaster Bill
      I just hope that Swimb gets more screentime before it's evolve.
    4. Pokemonmaster Bill
      Pokemonmaster Bill
      Iron island is my gusse to
    5. Pokemonmaster Bill
      Pokemonmaster Bill
      Yeah i was confused about the random contest. And i think chimchar is going to evolve soon. Chimchar was asome in this ep.
    6. Pokemonmaster Bill
      Pokemonmaster Bill
      So what did u think of todys ep?
    7. Pokemonmaster Bill
    8. Araleon
      Yup, your right about the Ringer competition.

      It would be cool. Maybe if they make a Breeder Competition, he could enter and be Brock/____'s rival.
    9. Kabutopzilla
      1) Edit'd.

      2) The attack changes depending on your damage taken, from what I remember.

      3) Edit'd as well. Dunno about the smaller range though; that's comparing an FS to a PokeBall.

      Well, I was twelve two years ago, so...yeah. I didn't really know what sense was way back then. :B

      Yeah, I'm sure it'll be decent at least. Your Tails one was. I'd make a Knuckles moveset, but my only knowledge of him is that he glides and punches. xP
    10. Araleon
      Yea, it was, Pokemon Ringer? Something like that. And Taillow evolved into Sweelow to beat Dustox.

      Hmm... An Orienteering Comeptition... That would explain how they always know were Ash is...
    11. Kabutopzilla
      1) I should edit to mention that.

      2) Attacks characters can perform directly from hanging on a ledge.

      3) Yeah, or have the same effect as Raikou in Melee, only a bit stronger.

      I'll go edit.

      And as for Knuckles, I'd like to see a moveset for him. I supported him once.

      ...In fact, when I was younger, only two years ago, actually, I supported characters like Feraligatr and Arcanine. And just recently I supported Crocomire. xP

      This forum taught me sense before the flamers could chase me away for admitting to supporting those characters, though vets to the SSB4 thread will likely remember when I supported Crocomire. xB
    12. Araleon
      Honestly, it was. xD

      I never truly thought the writers would let her go b/c she's the 'villain'. But now my hope is restored.

      <does a little dance>

      Maybe they'll have James do Gyms or something next Gen... Nah.
    13. Araleon
      Mmk, I may go searching later.

      So, I see you see the truth in my status now, don't ya? ;)
    14. Kabutopzilla
      Yep, dunno how else you'd know, besides going in and checking. xD

      Posted a Ridley moveset, in case you want to check that out.
    15. PokéKT
      Indeed...even though I like Riolu and Lucario...he doesn't have to say it in EVERY speculation thread...he's gonna get us soon. XP
    16. Araleon
      Really? A lot of people's internal batterie are breaking. Mine broke three or four year ago. I got a new Gold, though.

      Really? Wow. I'm gonna have to find one.
    17. O Fortuna
      O Fortuna
      Thanks man. I haven't been expecting any birthday messages here so it makes for a nice surprise. Cheers!
    18. Tom Nook
      Tom Nook
      In the videos he's sitting on chair staring at the camera and starts babbling at it. It's eeriely like a terroist tape. He's Pokeria over there IIRC.
    19. CyberCubed
      The funny thing is, there's more where that came from. Go view the guys post history if you want more laughs.
    20. Tom Nook
      Tom Nook
      It's hillarious and sad at the same time, talk about issues. It's worse the than anything he's done so far, including his terroist tapes and global boycott scheme XD
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    Mar 14, 1990 (Age: 29)
    Tropical Resort
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    Wii U NNID: SonicBoom93​