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Sonic Boom
Last Activity:
Jan 19, 2020 at 3:10 AM
Aug 23, 2008
Likes Received:
Mar 14, 1990 (Age: 29)
Tropical Resort

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Sonic Boom

@JohanSSB4 Twitter, 29, from Tropical Resort

Sonic Boom was last seen:
Jan 19, 2020 at 3:10 AM
    1. Tom Nook
      Tom Nook
      Grotle x Venusaur sounds awesome, how about we throw Sceptile in as well? Poor Bulbasaur's got it hard in romance hasn't he?

      Corphish isn't completly clueless about romance, he had those awesome scenes in the Mawile episode. But I agree, Marill should solve her many issues on her own.

      Did you see Weedle's Youtube clips? They were cringeworthy enough that I couldn't finish them. That nasally voice gives me headaches thinking about it >_>
    2. Araleon


      Wow, the only Lv. 100 I ever had was my first Pokemon ever: Meganium on Gold. Too bad it's battery broke and he disappeared forever...

      Mine are in their 50s, I training or the Elite 4.
    3. Araleon
      That's a nice team. And yes you can get Tangela. In the Great Marsh, I believe. But that's going by Serebii.

      What's your Pearl team?

      Mine is: Infernape, Roserade, Mismagius, Chimecho, Gastrodon, Weavile.
    4. Araleon
      Same here. I wanna train Leafeon or Glaceon.

      Depends on if I get Froslass or Gallade. But I am gonna use Mothim. :)

      Froslass, Leafeon, Mothim, Empoleon, Gliscor, Skuntank. I think I'll wind up with that.

      What'll you get?
    5. Araleon
      I've never really gotten into the whole competitive battling thing, I just use Pokemon and attacks to beat the trainers. :shrugs:
    6. Araleon
      Eh, oh well. That's just one person. Don't let her get to you.

      Have you trained a Shuckle before? I haven't. It has a nice type though.
    7. Araleon
      Lol, really? Well, you have good arguments and poits, plus anyone wo agrees on Shuckle for May is cool. xD
    8. Cobalt_Latios
      It wasn't hard at all, what'd you have in mind?

    9. Tom Nook
      Tom Nook
      Smeargle and Scizor sound awesome, shame he didn't get them in thje first place. And we need to work Brock in there somewhere, he'd probably go for Marina easily enough.

      Corphish may not be a lover, but he'd work perfectly in the story. With Bulbasaur solving his own issues, Corphish could act as the leader attempting to solve the all important question.

      Implosion as in exploding from the inside, explosion would have done though. And not nutjobs in terms of shipping, but people like Weedle McHairyBug and his supporters. That is one hateful person.
    10. Tom Nook
      Tom Nook
      You can vote once per set per day as long as you have a location listed in your profile or PM me to tell me at least the country, or you can only vote once per round.
      I'd qualify wouldn't I? I've got the location right so there shouldn't be any issues I hope.

      That scenario sound very chaotic, which fits the story well :) Tracey and Paul should probably battle, but Paul beating Ash and Misty but losing to Tracey makes no sense (But then, neither does most of what's going on). And Marill appears to have gained an extra lover it seems. Hmmmm, perhaps Corphish is involved somehow?

      The Mpreg thing really threw me of, but the author had the relationship perfect in the chapters before that curveball.

      I'd like to see the three girls in one episode as well, if only to prove they don't hate each other. The fandom would implode though, hopefully we'd lose a few nutjobs in the provcess XD
    11. Blazios
      Meh, I haven't shot down any rosters in ages. I think I'll shoot down the next one that pops up.
    12. Blazios
      We're all one close-knit community, no?
    13. Tom Nook
      Tom Nook
      Just graduated high school and waiting for my results, but I have no idea where to go next.

      I like the sound of that Orangeshipping scenario, but I'm wondering how to get Misty vaguely interested in Paul. Perhaps Ash breaks the Misty lure and sends it back, enraging her to the point that she gets with Paul for revenge?

      Thought you'd like the SuperVineshipping XD And Who'sTheFather is now not only epic. but grammatically correct :)

      The only Orangeshipping fanfics out there tend to be oneshots, except an odd multichaptered Mpreg. I'll see if I can find you any worth reading.

      I'm a big fan of competive reality shows, so that's what the Mole but refers to. I'm also reveiwing an anime survivor (which rocks) and a Paper Mario 2 Amazing Race (on hiatus unforunately).

      Misty and May are awesome together, and the lack of interaction is probably what makes it less interesting than SapphirePearl.
    14. Blazios
      Eh, happens all the time. I'm in a friendly mood today. :P
    15. Krake
      No prob. I usually don't send friend requests. Not because I don't want any, but because I kinda don't want to bother if they'll reject.
    16. Krake
      Because we know each other. Would you have rejected it?
    17. Tom Nook
      Tom Nook
      Doing homework at 2:30 am? Wow, I didn't even study that late for any of my HSC exams, let alone done homework. What was it for?

      Now to reepicify (sic) our fanfiction idea. Paul's OOCness can't really be avoided unless we make him indifferent to Marina and Misty's interests in him, which could therefore help Tracey's interests in Misty. We now need an alternate pair for Marina though.

      And we can fit May in somewhere. Perhaps the fic is based around a reunion of Ash's friends + Paul at Oak's Lab, which acts as a inn of sorts to get Marina involved. Now how about a Vineshipping subplot where May's Venusaur attempts to reassure Bulbasaur that despite the 5 foot height and 200 pound weight difference, they can still be together romantically? That'd make for some pokemon drama with the WhoseTheFather elements XD

      You've never read Orangeshipping before? Admittedly there isn't much out there, but there's a few gems amongst the small bunch.

      I'll check out that fic soon (got to review a Mario Mole fic anyway).

      PokeAdvanceshipping is Ash x Misty x May right? That'd be an interesting read :D
    18. Tom Nook
      Tom Nook
      So if Morpheusshipping should become canon on Ash's side, where does that place your support of Pokeshipping? Multishipping makes things easier, although it's not something I do most of the time.

      The Fic request thread huh? How about a scenario where Paul debates between chosing Misty or Marina with Tracey liking Misty, whilst Marill is cornered by her past lovers into revealing who Azurill's father is. A Eminent/Orange/WhoseTheFather/WhateverPaulxMistyis fanfiction, an Epic story for all XD
    19. Tom Nook
      Tom Nook
      Can't believe it was named, thought I was the only person who'd thought of it. I suppose eminient refers to their skills in their chosen crafts? I have no idea.

      I've never shipped Ash before, but Morpheusshipping has caught my interest recently. And speaking of claiming, I should see if there's a poly claiming thread for that epic ship we just created.

      Was Paul/Misty the main pairing of the fic? I'm interested in seeing it now.
    20. Tom Nook
      Tom Nook
      WhoseTheFathershipping FTW indeed. Just submitted it at that thread.

      So what other ships are you interested in? I like both Penguin and Heatag, and recognise Contest. You've mentioned not liking Contest IIRC.

      Paul/Misty sounds...interesting. You might have noticed I've claimed Paul/Marina in my sig, which would probably work the same way.
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    Mar 14, 1990 (Age: 29)
    Tropical Resort
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