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Sonic Boom
Last Activity:
Nov 19, 2019 at 10:21 PM
Aug 23, 2008
Likes Received:
Mar 14, 1990 (Age: 29)
Tropical Resort

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Sonic Boom

@JohanSSB4 Twitter, 29, from Tropical Resort

Sonic Boom was last seen:
Nov 19, 2019 at 10:21 PM
    1. Tom Nook
      Tom Nook
      We only differ in Poke/Orange right? So other than our OTP's we're fine. We both talk about Marill possible ships fine XD

      BTW how does one submit a ship to the list? The list is at Bulbagarden, but I'll check if they have a thread for it.
    2. Cobalt_Latios
      don't worry, i've given someone the Rundas battle theme from MP3:C over youtube. I was nice. I'm a good person. Generous and willing to help. And if I have the means to do something to help out someone, I'll try to do so. I can understand the trust thing.

      If you don't want to give it though, I'm fine with it.

      edit: goddamned typos..., that's what I get for foruming at 2:30 in the morning...

    3. Tom Nook
      Tom Nook
      Thanks for the friends request, we always seem to post in the same threads huh? Great minds think alike I guess.
    4. AerialAce!

      Some favorites include this one: http://xkcd.com/249/
      and this one: http://xkcd.com/150/

      The latter, the comic artist actually did to a portion of his room eventually, and the former I swear I WILL do one of these days. Living in Florida, I probably have more opportunities than most. Might do the other in due time, probably when I get my own place.
    5. Faerie
      I remember that I used to like Pokeshipping a lot, but it didn't last for a long time, and that was before I was quite as involved as I am in the fandom. I sort of supported Advanceshipping for a few episodes, and then I went to Palletshipping when I was really into slash. (Now I don't really care whether it's het or slash or femslash.) I never really could decide on a Satoshi ship.

      The season I missed a lot of was Johto. I lost interest in Pokemon for a while, so I didn't really do much with it. Then Ruby and Sapphire came out, and I'd heard nothing but positive things about it, so I bought Sapphire. (It was the first Pokemon game I'd played.) I loved it, so I started watching the show again, around mid-Johto.

      I never really could get into Contestshipping. I thought that their rivalry was interesting, and it just didn't work for me when they started falling for each other. As far as Satoshi goes, though, I think I've settled on Morpheusshipping, because they just make the most sense to me.

      Long posts are fine. I make enough of them myself. xD
    6. There's Always A Way
    7. Faerie
      Yeah, I know what you mean. Sometimes I find myself falling out of a ship, and it takes another appearance by a character (or the interaction between the shipped) to renew or destroy my interest in it.

      I can see the similarity between Satoshi/Kasumi and Satoshi/Aoi, but it's kind of odd to think about, because I'm not that crazy about Pokeshipping, but I like Morpheusshipping. It's kind of self-contradictory. xD
    8. Faerie
      Cool. Yeah, these forums are pretty weird when it comes to lag.

      Mm-hmm. Actually, I'm glad to hear that you don't think Pokeshipping is canon. xD It's kind of odd when people do...it's borderline canon, at least in the dub, but I don't think it's completely there.
    9. Rave
      Nah, I'm not gonna do squat. I'm too lazy and will forget anyways, so just drop it and let it be.

      I made the fixes and made sure it goes the way it's supposed to.

      So yeah... relax and no worries, you're good.
    10. Rave
      To be honest, I thought you were the idiot who pretty much tried to correct me, but you're a different individual as far as I can see.

      But no... I wouldn't really call that mini modding. Kinda close to a bit of borderline I suppose, but nothing I would deem that would be mini modding.

      I'll just probably edit his post and erase yours since you were nice about it and such.
    11. Shiny Venusaur
      Shiny Venusaur
      K I'll sign on msn to get that request, as for facebook, yes I have one but I only keep that for people I know in real life, sorry
    12. Shiny Venusaur
      Shiny Venusaur

      Any changes just let me know ^^
    13. Shiny Venusaur
      Shiny Venusaur
      k uploading it now, it should be ready in like 2min
    14. Shiny Venusaur
      Shiny Venusaur
      oh and I forgot to ask, what badges do you want?
    15. Shiny Venusaur
      Shiny Venusaur
      sry sppf glitched on my and I didnt see I posted that, and yeah i need the name then
    16. Shiny Venusaur
      Shiny Venusaur
      Any specific trainer you want?
    17. Shiny Venusaur
      Shiny Venusaur
      okay, no problem, any specific trainer sprite that you would want?
    18. Shiny Venusaur
      Shiny Venusaur
      yeah there custome made so they done look so repetitive from everyone elses.
    19. Shiny Venusaur
      Shiny Venusaur
      oh and btw, I saw in your sig that you wanted a trainer card, it just so happeneds that I make them, and pretty good ones to might I add, so do you want one?
    20. DarkDragonite.
      Yeah me to man. They only allow wi-fi for laptops here at UA. I'll have to wait till Christmas break for GTS and all that other crap. Apparently they don't want ds/ipods taking bandwidth :(
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    Mar 14, 1990 (Age: 29)
    Tropical Resort
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    Wii U NNID: SonicBoom93​