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Sonic Boom
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  • Just to discuss with you. The problem with the Rayman leak was that the footage was not "definitive". The difference between the Rayman footage and the ESRB leak footage, is that the ESRB leak had actual fighting that would be hard to replicate. The Rayman leak had no such luxury.

    But hey, I didn't think it was absolutely fake either. I just wanted to get some words down.
    Does the Wii U work with the same controllers as the Wii? I was planning on using my classic controller if it does. And thanks for the heads-up on stages and whatnot, I'll see if I can figure out what'll be most effective.
    A cracked screen sounds pretty terrible. Not totally sure what I'll use for a controller to start. But yeah, my plans are to unlock all characters in VS. Mode, unlock stages in 1P, then slowly get customs.
    Well, I'm officially getting a Wii U tomorrow. I won't be able to PLAY it tomorrow (because my work schedule is stupid) but at least I'll have it.
    I honestly don't know. A lot of the resistance is coming from my parents who feel that I play video games too much and that I'm not doing much with my life... which is pretty accurate, unfortunately. But it WOULD be my money, and they're aware of that.
    That's my hope, but I'm still debating on whether or not to get this one that comes with Smash, Mario Kart, and Super Mario Bros. I'm unlikely to play the last one but it seems like a good deal.
    I'm doing fine. Just tired from the cold and getting ready to go back to school soon.

    I've had a few Robin sigs, though I had a blank sig for a while since I kept getting warned even though I thought my sigs were within the sizes they said.
    Definitely. Although I only have the 3DS version at the moment, so if you were hoping for some console matches you'll have to wait until I get a WiiU.
    Your latest post in the Character Speculation thread is one of the best analysis I've seen in this forum to date
    Remember how you said something like "Reflect Barrier is a better character than all of bottom tier"? It's true against Villager. Plus his slow grab prevents him from really retaliating against Palutena. It sucks.
    That definitely sounds like a good way in.

    Right now, I'm just working on my Associate's. Before I went on my mission, I took a few college classes, but the motivation simply wasn't there and a failed a few classes. I'm rectifying that as part of my workload, lol.
    You're still pursuing the forensics degree, or do you already have it?

    I still think that would be an interesting field, but my understanding is that jobs are scarce. One person I've talked to about it said a good way to get in is to go through the military, but I have no desire to join the armed forces. Nothing against what they do, but I'm just not cut out for that kind of work.
    I've pretty much got nothing going on on Friday from 8:30 to 6 in the evening.

    It probably won't be healthy.
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