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Sonic Boom
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  • Haha, okay. I'm super excited for Friday. Looking forward to getting all the characters and trying all the custom moves.
    Thank you for pointing out the Black Hole Bomb, I may have otherwise skipped that detail.

    It's good to be back, buddy!
    Hi just want to applaud you for so much creativity and ingenious thinking you are capable of coming up with. Your post in how you woukd remodel anine to your own preferences and according left me thoroughly impressed.

    I wish people like you could be writers of this anime, no joke. :)
    They can handle Serena and her lack of development at the same time by having her realize near the end of XY that she hadn't really accomplished much of anything for herself as a person during her time through Kalos, and had merely been a sideliner to Ash. And due to that, she can decide to break away from Ash for a while and pursue her own interests solo while Ash gallivants off to another region. It addresses her development issues, and it keeps her crush on Ash relatively intact.
    100% agreed! At least there are some posts in that thread that aren't trash.
    What brought you back, if you don't me asking? I resigned and left the forum at the end of 2012, but only a week or so after that, XY was revealed, so I ended up sticking around. Getting old is a lot more boring than it looked to be from the eyes of childhood. =X

    Aha, it's good to see some motivation with meaty substance. Not only is it a fascinating intellectual pursuit, but meaningful as well. And I know whereof I speak, since I have indeed been working towards a degree in education - a field absolutely no one goes into for the money, haha. ^_^;
    Apparently. Our last VM communiqué was more than four years ago? Well, hm. Just this morning I was thinking about how 2011 seems like only yesterday... I guess everything's been fast, to answer your question, ahaha~ XP

    Forensics, huh? What exactly are you interested in about it? I know it's a science degree (I considered forensic psychology, but I'm pretty sure that's wholly different from forensic science). And yeah, I'm always delighted to hear anyone's plans of getting more education. Though to be fair, holding down a job and pulling in an income is not something to be knocked.
    I haven't gotten Black or White 2 yet, although I want to just for "completion's" sake. They gave Gliscor Sky Uppercut, though, which is silly.
    I'll look around to see what matches my interest. First I'll try and find a Ditto Friend Safari, lol.
    I'm having a hard time getting motivated to post here, lol. Since all the game threads are just "post what you did the last time you played." I'll figure out something.
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