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Sonic Boom
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  • Hi there, haven't been seeing you around here for ages. How have you been?

    Remember me?
    You know guy with who you used to debate over Misty coming back to main cast again? Ah this brings back memories haha.

    In case you forgotten just ignore this message. :p
    I haven't even thought about Orangeshipping at all for a long time yet still went on a frantic search to find out what could have prompted that when I saw your message :p Guess I never truly lost interest in the whole thing like I'd thought.

    Truthfully if this has happened as I understand it to have I don't think anybody wins here? It's all going to be off-screen and never actually shown, tantalisingly hinted at without being given any substance at best. If it is just being used as a means of not having to show them whenever Ash is in a position for that to happen then it's hard to take it as a major endorsement from the writers at all tbh.

    Hope all has been well for you in the past couple of years. Do you still watch at all? I'd have to be close to the point where I've missed more of the show than I've seen, but I've thought about trying to catch up again.
    Hey, you didn't respond to my last message. I was this guy. We used to talk all the time back in 2009. You remember me?

    It's nice coming back after so long.
    Yeah, sorry about my crazy commentary when we had a short feud about the quality of Sonic Generations 3ds. I hope there is nothing between us now.
    Life's been very good. University keeping me busy right now just like college appears to have done with you. Not much time for online stuff :(

    I never expected to be back here again but I also said I wouldn't get Black/White for ages, which I did end up doing and loved every minute of it <3 So behind with the show that I'll never get to se everything I missed, right now it's just the games for me.

    I see they finally fixed the lag issue.
    I'm glad at least someone understands.

    And about Prime—I'm trying to recall what item you head for after the Wave Beam... oh yes, the Thermal Visor. Magmoor Caverns is off your course; head back to Phendrana and head into the temple found directly to your right when entering the area for the first time. After a few puzzles and items, you'll head right into a Space Pirate research facility. That section of the game may re-motivate you, since that's where the game's action really starts.
    Aw, dang it. The SSB4 thread was closed (rather abruptly this time).

    And I think I was a primary contributor to its downfall. If this is the case, I apologize...

    Maybe I'm a bit too defensive of Metroid...
    Hello Senior,

    I'm newbie here. Hope you could teach me a thing or two about this forum. And hope we could be friend too.
    : my shameless signature : :) :) : doctors note : :eek: :eek: : respect :
    I don't know if you're still active here anymore, but I hope you've been well in the past year or so :p
    Long time no talk. I don't know if you still remember me, but I was known as Pokemaniac10. It's been a long time, but after failing to memorize my password, I had to make this new account so I can still post here.

    Third time's the charm, eh?
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