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Sonic Boom
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  • After I looked it up, I (vaguely) noticed the "dendrite" part of it.

    It is extremely irritating to go through Union Cave when all of the moves of your Pokémon are not very effective against constipated Geodude.
    *nods in approval*

    It's nice to see that you've finally come over to the side of JUSTICE! XD

    I'm sure I've told you this already, but most of the Super Metroid tunes were all remixed in the Prime series in some manner. They're ALL AWESOME.
    Just here to let you know the Super Mario Tournaments club is expecting it's members to say, on the thread, if they can come on either the 13th or 20th of March for a kart tournament. Those who don't reply at all may suffer in that they will be removed from the club, so it is advised you reply quickly.

    Hope to receive a reply from you soon.
    No offense...Sorry for gimping against your Sonic, but I was serious in matches whenever I used my mains like Shadow_latias =/ I understand how you feel

    Lemme give advice: don't chase opponent without hesitating if you are reckless or you will get grabbed by opponent.

    I believe it's for tournaments actually, however if they need to practice with their owns faster in friendly matches as possible. My guess is it's potential of training for them. Like starfire_jirachi as well. Because she always want to train her mains so much. (lol due to her skool...Hahaha....~-~ )

    It happened to AiB noobers and decent players; they still lost to me though.
    have to say the moving picture you have on your profile make me feel sick.

    nice job lol.

    Idk how you can stand that? may I ask how
    Well you see the way they seem to keep making chunky capital Is, but they merge away before you can get a really good handle on it? It's tough to stop trying to capture an I in sight. I just keep looking as the image moves...

    And thank you! Seriously, mesmerizing. ^_^;
    Oh my gosh... Sonic Boom, I can't stop looking at that red/blue movig image you posted here.

    ...jeez. I just wanna keep watching it, man. @_@
    'Tis understandable. :] Plus, I haven't been brawling that much either as of recently... especially with a lot of IRL stuff going on with me, but from time to time, I still play with the usual friends I've got on AiB. Not to mention, I've been too engrossed playing Brawl+ ever since I got it. @~@

    And speaking of which, I haven't been on SWF for sooooo long (my username's still starfire_jirachi on there, btw)... though whenever I sign on there, I'm usually on invisible mode, lurking around. o:
    Hey Sonic Boom, it's been a while since I have last spoken to you.

    How have you been doing?

    Anyway, I hope we get to talk more.
    Okami_Sky wrote at 11:25 AM on Feb 27, 2010:
    Oh, BTW Sonic Boom from serebii did me a favor to say "Hi starfire_jirachi. How are you? I haven't brawled you yet". Because I forgot to tell you that from a few months ago x.x
    Hiya, Sonic Boom. It sure has been awhile~ ^^ Anyway, I've been good. :] How've you been?

    And yeah, we do need to brawl sometime. xD I know you don't go on AiB that much, but you might be able to earn a staff slayer badge for beating me in a couple of friendlies if that comes around. :]
    It helps that I hate my job, anyway. :p And I get paid two days before the release date. That's gonna be a goooood weekend.
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