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  • I think we can safely assume I've won this little skirmish. Trolling isn't the art of making a asshat of yourself and then not being able to back up what you've said. You're a cop out.
    Still failed to back up anything you've said lol. As if you took this seriousness to heart, how could anyone be serious with a poor excuse like you?
    I need to pop out for a while, unlike you I can't sit on sppf "trolling" all day, I'll be gone a few hours, this should (though I'm not holding my breath) give you enough time to form atleast a half decent reply. I'm sure you'll disappoint as always.
    You can play with me in a match if you want and see if I camp. BlindEye isn't for camping, it's for avoiding helicopters and preds, camping avoids those anyway so I dunno why anyone (excluding a tool like you) would use BlindEye for that.
    regardless of your 12 year old /b/tard attempts at trolling, you still made the comments about snipers and LMGs prior to anyone mentioning the Type95. I'd still like you to answer that question. I know it's hard for you to back up anything you say because you legitimately believe that SPM is worth anything (My avg score per match is 5500 lol) but c'mon, at least try, humour me.
    You consider that trolling? I just thought you were genuinely retarded. You low class 'trolls' lack the intelligence and subtlety to troll properly at all.
    You're the one who uses terms like "BEAST" and the type95 so it's clear to me you fit both those categories to a tee lol. I'm just curious how you can say that LMGs and MW3 Snipers are ALL overpowered, but that the Type95 isn't? I guess you just can't snipe lol.
    I'm still waiting for you to tell me how sniping or LMGs are overpowered. You're not very good at this internets business. Too bad there's not a poor poster crutch for you.
    It's not that I'm sensitive, don't flatter yourself into thinking that you're anything more than a quick distraction from uni work. I don't suffer fools "IN DA REEL WRLD" and as such I don't see why I should suffer them online either. Especially ones who sprout so much nonsense with no way of backing it up.
    Also 332 pm is sh!t for someone who uses every crutch he can. You're using the most OP gun in CoD history, both BlindEye and Assassin simultaneously and you have less playtime than me and you're only managing one more kill per minute? Pathetic.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH you're truly pathetic my friend. Your SPM is higher because your playtime is lower. I've gone through matches where it's taken me a few minutes to find players because they're all camping. You're full of Sh!t and you rely on crutch guns, no wonder you can't get high killstreaks. If I started playing MW3 again my SPM would skyrocket.
    Are you legitimately an idiot? SPM doesn't effect your health, everyone has the same base health. The type-95 does between 60 and 165 per burst. Each player has 100 health. If I'm running, racking up my specialist bonus as per and someone mid range fires off one burst at me from the Type95 then I'll be dead. Consequently if someone fired off a few shots at me with a normal assault rifle, I wouldn't die.
    Please stop posting irrelevant things as replies. If you've got nothing to say that counters what I've said then I'll assume you know I'm right and that this is over.
    I'm DocGoblin, that's my username and my gamertag, if I was thunder or whatever I'd of used that as my username. People complain because there are legitimate problems. You've yet to say anything factual backing your claim that the Type95 isn't overpowered.
    Why would I be Wings of Redemption? The internet is a big place, there's bound to be people with similar views, especially when those views are on a weapon that INFINITY WARD agreed is overpowered.
    You've still yet to back any of your points or sensibly counter any of mine.

    Infinity Ward over Treyarch because of how bad Black Ops was. Awful hit detection, awful lag, ruined sniping, awful maps and the AK74U/the perk ghost. World at War in my eyes is still a much more balanced and enjoyable game than Black Ops or MW2.

    I don't rush or camp. I rushed in MW2 because the game was geared toward fast gameplay, MW3 is geared toward cautious gameplay/crutching the weak. I move, a lot, but rushing is something I seldom do. Before (On CoD4, WAW and MW2) if I ran in with a shotgun at point blank I'd beat down anyone camping with an AR, now with sh!t like the Type 95 I can get two shells out and still end up dead because of the ridiculous 165 per burst damage of the 95 in close quarters.
    If by that you mean come out with more awful cop outs because you can't back up your ridiculous statements then be my guest.
    Then don't make such stupid comments like "WELL MUS B U R **** CUZ I ♥ TYPE95 IT CANT BE OP" when my win/loss and my k/d are both considerably high. I don't care about stats, but when you try and question my skill as a player to defend your own lack of skill as a player then stats are a good indication of how wrong your statement is.
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