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Last Activity:
Dec 18, 2013
Feb 20, 2012
Likes Received:
Jul 6, 1991 (Age: 28)
Aquarium Park, Oklahoma.
Moderator on the Romeo Sigs forum!

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You got this, Sonic!, 28, from Aquarium Park, Oklahoma.

Sonicfan9988 was last seen:
Dec 18, 2013
    1. IrisAndDawn
      thats cool :P
    2. Steelrush
      They won me continuous victories at the World Tournament, even against the 2012 master champions.

      I'll get to that quickly. :P
    3. Steelrush
      Good game, good game indeed. I didn't expect Serperior to get knocked out that quickly though.
    4. Steelrush
      Alright, I'll load the thing up, but----I must have voice chat off because it's a quiet time in my house right now. :P
    5. Steelrush
      Yes I do, but not on White 2. However, I can get it to my White 2 version. You want to battle first though?
    6. IrisAndDawn
      hey sonic fan hows it going? i havent talk to you in awhile im sorry about that
    7. Steelrush
      Before we trade though, I have to know what you want. :P
    8. Steelrush
      Depends on what shinies you want. Also, would you be down for a battle?
    9. Steelrush
      White 2 friend code:

      0133 0970 6972

      Name: Levi
    10. Steelrush
      That, and I've been progressing my fanfic projects. One thing I want to do in the future though, is write a fanfic about the anime known as Zoids.
    11. Steelrush
      Speaking of wi-fi, I won a bunch of matches recently on the random matchup. I'm getting better all the time. :D
    12. Steelrush
      What's going on?
    13. Princess StrawBerry
    14. ~CallOfTheIndie~
      I've been busy, but great :) How 'bout you?
      It's fine. No pressure to reply so soon :P
    15. ~CallOfTheIndie~
      Long time no talk :o
    16. Steelrush
      Happy march-------------
    17. Steelrush
      Sorry for the late reply, I also got my time occupied in the last few days. As for my v-day (which was over a week ago as of now), I had a rather interesting dream the night before. XD
    18. Steelrush
      How'd v-day go for you?
    19. Steelrush
      Happy thursday----
    20. Steelrush
      Clair is hot. XD

      I don't blame you for favoring Hilda and Rosa, and I also like those gym leaders as well. My favorite gym leaders...

      Kanto: Lt. Surge

      Johto: Jasmine

      Hoenn: Winona

      Sinnoh: Gardenia (even though she's a little nutty at times)

      Unova: It's a tie between Marlon and Roxie.

      Also, my favorite Elite Four member is Shauntal as well. Though one of the main reasons is that her career path is the same as mine, and she's also somewhat similar to me. Although there are distinctive differences in terms of Pokemon, and the primary one is the variety (I don't restrict myself to using just one type :P)
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  • About

    Jul 6, 1991 (Age: 28)
    Aquarium Park, Oklahoma.
    Moderator on the Romeo Sigs forum!
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Profile pic made by FrostStorm and Nix-U on DeviantArt.

    My claims:
    Video game character:Hilda (Pokemon BW).
    Video game:Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive).
    Bishies:Rosa and Yancy (Pokemon B2 & W2).

    My real name is Nick, but just call me Sonicfan9988! My no. 1 fave game characters are Sonic the Hedgehog, Hilda/Touko, Rosa/Mei & Yancy/Ruri =D!

    I usually play Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, Street Fighter, Mario, Kirby and Smash Bros. games!

    My favorite Internet Memes are Youtube Poop, the M. Bison quote "Yes! Yes!", Weegee and the Robotnik saying "Pingas!".

    I also like Astronomy. I want to become an Astronomer one day!

    My fave TV shows are Sonic X, Pokemon:Indigo League, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, All in the Family & Sanford and Son!

    I am a proud crossover shipper! Here are the Pokemon + Sonic shippings that I came up with myself and that I support, all of which are special friendships:
    NuvemaHillShipping (Hilda & Sonic).

    ChaosEmeraldShipping (Rosa & Sonic).

    DarkHallMatronShipping (Argenta & Shadow).

    TrueBlueShipping (Clair & Sonic).

    GothicChaosControlShipping (Marley & Shadow).

    SinnohAngelShipping (Maylene & Knuckles).

    TwoTailedBlondeShipping (Bianca (BW) & Tails).

    OrangeBookwormShipping (Shauntal & Tails).

    TropicalResortShipping (Yancy & Sonic).

    CasinoNightShipping (Yancy & Tails).

    CarnivalNightShipping (Yancy & Knuckles).

    IsolatedIslandShipping (Roxie & Vector).

    Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon and my crossover shippings!


    Credit for the awesome banner goes to emerald on the PokemonNewsDaily Forums.

    I am actually a guy, even though I have a girl as my avatar!​

    My claims:Hilda (Video game character), Rosa/Mei and Yancy/Ruri (Bishies) & Sonic 2 (Video game)!​