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Last Activity:
Dec 18, 2013
Feb 20, 2012
Likes Received:
Jul 6, 1991 (Age: 28)
Aquarium Park, Oklahoma.
Moderator on the Romeo Sigs forum!

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You got this, Sonic!, 28, from Aquarium Park, Oklahoma.

Sonicfan9988 was last seen:
Dec 18, 2013
    1. Izanagi
      Nice sig, fellow Sonic fan! :)
    2. MetalVictini
      Hey. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Things have been a little crazy for me lately. To answer your question, my favorite franchises beside pokemon include, but aren't necessarily limited to:
      -Fire Emblem (So glad Awakening is being localized! :D)
      -Tales of (though the fanbase drives me up a wall sometimes)
      -Final Fantasy (though I will admit the series has been in a bit of a rough patch since FFX)
      -Mario (The series that got me started on gaming)
      -Persona (3 and 4, anyway. Never played 2, and I hated the first one.)

      That's all I can think of off the top of my head. How're ya doing? Haven't talked to you in a while.
    3. ~CallOfTheIndie~
      Hey! :D
      I'll be back in town on tuesday, so I can send you your belated drawing request x)
    4. kuzronk
      Thanks :)
      How are you?
    5. VS
      Can I have an actual picture or fan fiction of Sonic x Mei?
    6. White_Roar~
      yeah I sometimes change Chandelure to this

    7. White_Roar~
      I wanted to show you my Pokemon Black Team I'm finally satisfied with this switch that I don't need to change it. ^_^


      I do still use my Metagross, Gothitelle and Roserade but in another team
    8. Hero of Ideals
      Hero of Ideals
      Sure, I wouldn't mind at all.
    9. Spektor
      Ill check if you are online ;)
    10. Spektor
      If you want to go to bed its cool. I should be in bed too. I work tomorrow :/ Should we try or trade?
    11. Spektor
      hihihihihihiihiih :) wanna tray our trade?
    12. JetshipperKekkaishi
      I played tons of Video Games:
      Kingdom Hearts
      Tales series
      Final Fantasy
      Marvel vs Capcom
      Kid Icarus
      Super Smash Brothers
    13. JetshipperKekkaishi
      Well I love Hilda too. Which is why I ship her with Ash and Lucas. But I'm also a Dawn , Hilda fanboy too. I like Misty,May. Lyra was awesome too. An Cynthia will always be my favorite as well. :3 Third to Skyla and Dawn.
    14. JetshipperKekkaishi
      Second I love the Pokemon mainsteam pairings but I favorite:
      BassGuitarshipping(BW2 boy x Homika)
      All the other Ash shipping except Yaoi pairings.
      WhiteKnightshipping (Hilda x Lucas)
    15. JetshipperKekkaishi
      My favorite gym leaders are: SKYLA!!! :3 She's my personal favorite. I'm a fanboy of Skyla. Elesa,Volkner,Roark,Maylene, Blue,Falkner.
    16. JetshipperKekkaishi
      Yeah I know. :D Long List huh? I do favorite a lot of shipping. The regular Pokemon fandom I support a lot but some I do favorite more than others.
    17. JetshipperKekkaishi
      For my crossovers:
      Ash Ketchum x Tokine Yukimura(Kekkaishi)
      Ash Ketchum x Cheria Barnes (Tales of Graces)
      Hilbert x Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)
      Ash x Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)
      Hilbert x Cheria
      Dawn x Yoshimori Sumimura (Kekkaishi)
      Misty x T.K(Digimon)
      Ash x Kari(Digimon)
      Red x Momo(To Love Ru)
      Ash x Mikan Yuuki (To love ru)
      May x Atem (Yu-gi-oh)
      Ash x Sakura (Naruto)
      Naruto x Dawn
      Hilbert x Hinata (Naruto)
      Hilbert x Ruby (Rosario + Vampire)
      Hilbert x Azuki(Bakuman)
      Ash x Azuki
      Dawn x Moritaka(Bakuman)
      Ash x Himari (Omamori Himari)
      Dawn x Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
      Skyla x Ventus (Kingdom Hearts)
      Dawn x Asbel Lhant (Tales Of Graces)
      Dawn x Jude Mathis (Tales of Xillia)
    18. Spektor
      Im totally bad at this time thing. its five right now where I am. Shoot me a vm when your back on :)
    19. Spektor
      I don't mind clones :P
    20. Spektor
      It doesn't matter. A long as its not touched. :) Will you be on later tonight? maybe we can try our luck again. I don't want to bore you. Im just sitting here watching adventure time waiting to see if the trade goes through :D
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  • About

    Jul 6, 1991 (Age: 28)
    Aquarium Park, Oklahoma.
    Moderator on the Romeo Sigs forum!
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Profile pic made by FrostStorm and Nix-U on DeviantArt.

    My claims:
    Video game character:Hilda (Pokemon BW).
    Video game:Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive).
    Bishies:Rosa and Yancy (Pokemon B2 & W2).

    My real name is Nick, but just call me Sonicfan9988! My no. 1 fave game characters are Sonic the Hedgehog, Hilda/Touko, Rosa/Mei & Yancy/Ruri =D!

    I usually play Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, Street Fighter, Mario, Kirby and Smash Bros. games!

    My favorite Internet Memes are Youtube Poop, the M. Bison quote "Yes! Yes!", Weegee and the Robotnik saying "Pingas!".

    I also like Astronomy. I want to become an Astronomer one day!

    My fave TV shows are Sonic X, Pokemon:Indigo League, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, All in the Family & Sanford and Son!

    I am a proud crossover shipper! Here are the Pokemon + Sonic shippings that I came up with myself and that I support, all of which are special friendships:
    NuvemaHillShipping (Hilda & Sonic).

    ChaosEmeraldShipping (Rosa & Sonic).

    DarkHallMatronShipping (Argenta & Shadow).

    TrueBlueShipping (Clair & Sonic).

    GothicChaosControlShipping (Marley & Shadow).

    SinnohAngelShipping (Maylene & Knuckles).

    TwoTailedBlondeShipping (Bianca (BW) & Tails).

    OrangeBookwormShipping (Shauntal & Tails).

    TropicalResortShipping (Yancy & Sonic).

    CasinoNightShipping (Yancy & Tails).

    CarnivalNightShipping (Yancy & Knuckles).

    IsolatedIslandShipping (Roxie & Vector).

    Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon and my crossover shippings!


    Credit for the awesome banner goes to emerald on the PokemonNewsDaily Forums.

    I am actually a guy, even though I have a girl as my avatar!​

    My claims:Hilda (Video game character), Rosa/Mei and Yancy/Ruri (Bishies) & Sonic 2 (Video game)!​