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Last Activity:
Dec 18, 2013
Feb 20, 2012
Likes Received:
Jul 6, 1991 (Age: 28)
Aquarium Park, Oklahoma.
Moderator on the Romeo Sigs forum!

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You got this, Sonic!, 28, from Aquarium Park, Oklahoma.

Sonicfan9988 was last seen:
Dec 18, 2013
    1. Spektor
      You send the trade request this time
    2. Spektor
      hmm, maybe maybe not. I use the same method to use internet. I reset my phone too :) Woop whoop Hotspot!
    3. Spektor
      have you tried reseting you router?
    4. Spektor
      im in no hurry :)
    5. Spektor
      no problem :) lets kep trying
    6. Spektor
      No. Why would I? ....XD haha! Sike! jk Im in the room ok :)
    7. Spektor
      Same name here and my fc is in my signature :)
    8. Spektor
      Do you have any other UT shinies? :)
    9. Spektor
      Is it untouched? Want a shiny mitotic? (lv 2 because I feed it pofins and evolved it)
    10. Spektor
      Do you happen to have an extra shiny aipom?
    11. JetshipperKekkaishi
      Interesting pairings. I don't ship Pokemon x Sonic but I ship Pokemon x Another anime. Do You want to know?
    12. JetshipperKekkaishi
    13. White_Roar~
      It's ok you don't have to post all the time and just to let you know I accepted your sign up ^_^ so welcome to the Club!
    14. White_Roar~
      Ok I'll accept your sign up when you post so you can join ^_^ Thanks!
    15. White_Roar~
    16. MetalVictini
      Never really thought about it. After some consideration, I'd have to say Skyla, Candice, and Drayden.

      That would be interesting to see. Someone should draw that. I would but the best I can do is stick figures.
    17. MetalVictini
      Nice. I'm a Dawn fan myself, but Hilda isn't too shabby either. I like Mei, too. Wonder what her english name is going to be. Probably won't know until october, though, given how much I've been trying to avoid spoilers.
    18. ~CallOfTheIndie~
      hey! sorry i haven't said anything, i've been busy >.>
      happy belated bday!
      i'm on a trip right now, and totally forgot to take a pic of your drawing request to turn into .jpg. i'll send it to you when i come back
    19. Hilda
      They can keep the name, but that would be un-heard of. Maybe, just make iy Mai.
    20. MetalVictini
      Hey. Thanks for the friend request (Yeah, took me long enough. XD) How goes it?
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  • About

    Jul 6, 1991 (Age: 28)
    Aquarium Park, Oklahoma.
    Moderator on the Romeo Sigs forum!
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Profile pic made by FrostStorm and Nix-U on DeviantArt.

    My claims:
    Video game character:Hilda (Pokemon BW).
    Video game:Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive).
    Bishies:Rosa and Yancy (Pokemon B2 & W2).

    My real name is Nick, but just call me Sonicfan9988! My no. 1 fave game characters are Sonic the Hedgehog, Hilda/Touko, Rosa/Mei & Yancy/Ruri =D!

    I usually play Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, Street Fighter, Mario, Kirby and Smash Bros. games!

    My favorite Internet Memes are Youtube Poop, the M. Bison quote "Yes! Yes!", Weegee and the Robotnik saying "Pingas!".

    I also like Astronomy. I want to become an Astronomer one day!

    My fave TV shows are Sonic X, Pokemon:Indigo League, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, All in the Family & Sanford and Son!

    I am a proud crossover shipper! Here are the Pokemon + Sonic shippings that I came up with myself and that I support, all of which are special friendships:
    NuvemaHillShipping (Hilda & Sonic).

    ChaosEmeraldShipping (Rosa & Sonic).

    DarkHallMatronShipping (Argenta & Shadow).

    TrueBlueShipping (Clair & Sonic).

    GothicChaosControlShipping (Marley & Shadow).

    SinnohAngelShipping (Maylene & Knuckles).

    TwoTailedBlondeShipping (Bianca (BW) & Tails).

    OrangeBookwormShipping (Shauntal & Tails).

    TropicalResortShipping (Yancy & Sonic).

    CasinoNightShipping (Yancy & Tails).

    CarnivalNightShipping (Yancy & Knuckles).

    IsolatedIslandShipping (Roxie & Vector).

    Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon and my crossover shippings!


    Credit for the awesome banner goes to emerald on the PokemonNewsDaily Forums.

    I am actually a guy, even though I have a girl as my avatar!​

    My claims:Hilda (Video game character), Rosa/Mei and Yancy/Ruri (Bishies) & Sonic 2 (Video game)!​