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  • So, uh, I didn't want to post this in the thread because it's a spoiler/leak, but it looks like Ash-Greninja was indeed retconned.


    Scarlet and Violet have changed the effect of Battle Bond. It now raises Greninja's Attack, Special Attack, and Speed stats without a physical transformation.
    Yeah it’s fully gone, makes sense now, rip
    I'm not actually this raging XY fanboy that people might say I am, but I can say that I am easy to annoy. I don't like leaving misinformation just unaddressed. Some of the blame can probably rests on me though. That thread didn't help matters lol
    It's fine. I hate when misinformation is spread and I always tend yo forget the many people on SPPF that dislike XY(Z) so it just brings it out sometimes. I'm sure I'm seen as annoying and I wish I could help it more honestly
    Well, I was considering doing a review of I Choose You, the first episode, and why it's the greatest and most important Pokémon story ever (even if my favorite is the Winding Woods episode). But I'm having trouble trying to narrow the scope. Do you have any suggestions? I plan to release it on April 1st if I'm lucky.
    So what are you going to be doing for the 20th anniversary of the anime series?
    Primarily the latter, since we haven't covered all the possibilities yet there, but yeah, both can work as well.
    Yeah, I didn't bother with that after graduation. I just decided to restart college on a different subject and get some special courses for certain certificates, so my CV wouldn't be completely barren.
    Even in PAD, XY doesn't receive that much hate. It's mainly a few vocal users, and I'd say most people point out the negatives because it's easier to talk about.
    BW actually stands for Butthurt Whiners
    I wanna keep this in my signature. Pretty please?
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