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  • I disagree, that is precisely why it would do harm, because none of Ash's current roster could hope to reach to Charizard Y's potential, even a potential Mega Greninja would look like a complete joke in comparison.

    The only way I can accept this happening is if we get the same case as AG, with Charizard appearing in specific high-level battles, while other lesser battles are given to proper Pokémon*. OR, if we get a Elite Four arc.

    *In which case, Charizard would not be the sixth member. That title would belong to someone else, whoever that might be.
    Hilariously enough, I actually do hope it is not Ash's, since I know it will steal necessary screentime from Pokémon that actually deserve it, because XY is their own series.

    Even if it is to showcase M-Charizard Y, they shouldn't rely on Charizard ex Machina to solve all of their problems.
    NOW we are entering the filler hell... with a brief Talonflame and Trevor distraction... and back to filler hell again.
    Sounds pretty bland, kinda a bummer I have to wait like four weeks before another potentially interesting episdode
    Well, there is the Gourgeist episode.
    Hey, I just wanted to apologize again for the misunderstanding in the XY episode. I didn't mean to make it sound like I was bashing The coordinators. They were my favorite characters in AG and DP. Sorry again that I gave the impression that I was saying they were weak. Sometimes what I type comes out wrong on here.
    Just so you know, you can delete your own double posts, but I don't think they'll let you go without a strike so delete it yourself quickly.
    Oh, I actually follow you there haha. Mine is Masara Town No Satoshi or something like that. I don't blog anything though, I made one just to lurk lol.
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