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  • I don't think they ignore, its more that there exist breed of people which act as elitists unfortunately. People which think how their opinion holds "higher value" than opinions from opposing side trying to present their own vision of how things should be played out and what can be considered as "bad" or "well" written as fact. When in reality its only their own point of view not making them any more right or wrong than someone whose line of thinking differs from theirs. Thats one of major problems in that thread with people who claim how "Ash was shell and battling robot in DP" acting like thats not even sucject to discuss, but established "fact", ignoring those who say otherwise, in rather arrogant and disparaging manner.
    If i could like your post more than once i would mate. Amount of hispocris present in Ash personality in DP thread and double standards is astonishing. When he matures people say he didn't developed but "lost personality". Yet when he acts like idiot being regresssed to basics like BW did people yet again complain how he stagnates never growing.

    Poor Ash, its a lose lose situation no matter what happens.
    I see apparently a troll down voted you for disagreeing with me and Lorde, and I just want to say I'm sorry that you had to suffer through the stupidity of the rep system-- you brought up good points about the XY cast that I must say I agreed with after thinking about it, and as much as we have our differences on many things, I just wanna say I respect your stance on the series so far, bro.
    Ah understandable. But than again to be fair if new events in story and way characters grow forward are written in other writer mind as follow up, continuation of what was established in anime before with previous writer. From story standpoint regardless of who continued previous person work if he stays faithful to what was created before only adding on story as logical way of progressing things forward. In my opinion from narrative standpoint that can be considered canon at least as far as anime universe goes.

    Some of examples where previous authors work because of death, illness or other problems is finished or continued from someone else would be "Lord of the Rings" from John Ronald Reuel Tolkien with his son Christopher Tolkien finishing fathers work and publishing unfinished books made during original author life.

    Or "Wheel of Time" saga which Roberr Jordan was unable to complete due to death with new writer Brandon Sanderson writing 12th book concluding series.

    Its not same like example with DBZ, but in my opinion even if original author isn't much or in any shape involved with new series, if it stays linked with previous story he established with new writers using it as template to build on and make sequel it can be considered in my opinion as canon.
    Hi there, whats up? I saw your comment in character discussion thread about Dragon ball and since thats not place to talk about this i decied to post it this way. About Dragon Ball GT it caused lot of heated debate and arguments whether this series was intended to be sequel to DBZ or just some alternate story set in different universe. Main argument of "not being canon" is because it didn't existed in manga with Akira Toriyama not being invokved with it(aside from few minor edits).

    However side which support argument of Dragon ball GT being canon says how its canon in anime universe, being like anime exclusive series which continue from events and life of characters which ended with DBZ(whith Toei animation getting approved fro Toriyama to create it). Complementation to main series with events like transformation to super sayan of 4th level, Goku granddaughter Pan who was introduced apparently 7 years after events in DBZ were concluded etc being considered by good group of people as evidence how from anime standpoint GT series were sequel.

    While to others who only consider manga to be canon as irrelevant and of no connection to main story.

    Personally i have mixed feekings. From manga standpoint obviously GT wasnt canon, but from anime standpoint it could be said how stiry was set in same universe as DBZ saga was set in being sequel.
    That's great to know, yeah, I'm a bit cynical about the character but I think I'll be more chill in-general about discussions when it comes to him in threads and all. Good to know we're all on good footing ^^
    Apologies again about my post, I just got slightly annoyed. Also sorry if it seems as if I've been a bit harsh on Ash, in-general I just think I've been finding the behavior of many members on the forum coupled with XY's current handling of him to be a bit overwhelming and I'm just a bit tapped out on the character. I'm thinking of taking a small break from the forum and maybe I'll be a bit more chillax when it comes to him in-general.
    That said for many on here, and it's not bringing up Ash is Shouenen character and cringe worthy nicknames people give Ash's Kalos friends and Pokemon, but the fact they seem to set themselves up to not like it, and I know everyone on thie forums hates BW, and I think you do as well, but it's over, the Iris special is the last BW episode. If people can't find anytihng to like of XY, they might as welll just stop watching Pokemon because they are onlt forcing themesleves, it's the same for all series.
    I ignore Lorde, I don't know what she even wants with anything. Wants Ash and Serena together, but hate how Ash isn't ntoicing her like all those cheesy shoujos, and I like shoujos, be grateful I didn't say cliched, that's for others series' ships people wnat to happen and how man or crazy they are.
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