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  • I was going to say, I don't remember seeing you recently lol. Well, welcome back if you're planning on staying around. And if not, it was nice seeing an old face.
    Its about an hour away from where i live in castine and its an navy school so it means going regimented but i am so ready to leave it symbolizes freedom
    Good for you soper :) im doing great just did a college tour and found the place i want to go and teg is fine
    You know, Blaziken is already humanoid, so doing a fusion was kinda annoying because there wasn't much I could do.
    I didnt really notice that Blazikens hair was spikey at all. In fact, Brawly's hair seems more spikey.
    Your request at Fly High is finished and awaiting pick-up here! Enjoy!
    PS: I haven't done a Cosplay in a long time and I did some free hand spriting in it, so if you tell me it sucks, i wont feel too bad, lol.
    Let me better explain this, most HO teams stick to being either physical or special because as soon as the opponents physical or special wall is gone you can normally easily plow through their team. Sometimes a revenge killer also needs to go down for that to happen but for the most part it's: get up screens -> Try to break wall -> Try to kill their revenge killer -> win (or lose if you failed to do the first two parts). If you have a special sweeper and they keep their special wall for the special sweeper there can be an easy loss for you if at the end of the battle it comes down to say, Jellicent vs Keldeo

    While it would seem smarter to have special and physical sweepers on the same team all it really does is make it so you have to break that side of defense with half of the possible team. Especially since you are using 5-6 sweepers (depending on suicide lead or not) you aren't going to be switching a lot due to the frailty of your team. When making a HO team you can't use the normal mentality of: if he brings out x I can just switch to Y because oftentimes you will either: lose boosts (and possibly not get them back), lose momentum, or possibly lose the mon switching in. HO tries to minimize prediction both in switching and the attacks you make. I'm probably missing stuff but what it comes down to is: you have 5-6 glass cannons. Switching is bad, overpredicting is bad, and splitting your team in half is bad. I'm not saying split HO teams can't work, it's just harder at times (especially against stall or defensive teams)
    Darn, oh well. It was nice talking to you, I don't know why but when I see someone I generally respect make a post with false info I get really annoyed. Though as Zachmac stated, unless they are running a slow team Lando won't be doing much after
    Replied to your post in the team building help thread, I think I'm confused because even choice band scizor fails to beat offensive Landorus T as long as you play him right
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