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  • Welp the Pokemon Subreddit removed my post because they find it "too similar" to another post. I stand corrected the Pokemon Community is toxic and they will do anything they can to censor those who disagree with their opinions and try to act all positive.
    Oh man the Pokemon Subreddit on Reddit is crazy. So many divided opinions and a lot of disagreement. I feel like Pokemon is starting to turn into politics which is never a good thing.
    People assume that I'm always negative. Well they never saw the "about me" on my profile to even understand.
    Well a thread got closed down because some users were using the "p" word in their argument. (sigh) I really hate what the gaming community has come too.
    Every gaming community I ever been apart of as always turn toxic. No matter what your opinion is on a game or if you disagree with someone else's views you always get people attacking you left and right.
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