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  • No problem. Also, strange time zone; apparently...

    Depends on what type of material it is. I don't particularly have much favorites besides the occasional supernatural stuff and whatnot.
    Well, thank you for that.

    You interested in sci-fi or fantasy at all, besides Pokémon? Historical drama, maybe?
    But that's not to say I'm the most easygoing person out there, or anything. I nitpick plenty of stuff. Just not Pokémon.
    How interesting, lol. :3

    Eh, I am. But I nitpick virtually all sprites in gen 5 so far.
    How ironic that my favorite type (tied with Psychic, Water, and Dark) is Ice. XD

    I don't think it's awkward. But I'm not nitpicky with that sort of thing.
    Fire is among my favorite types, and always has been. So I'm glad the 5th generation brought far more of them than in the 4th. I just wish the musketeer trio had far better in-game sprite animations and official artwork. Cobalon for instance, has this awkward...knee bending thing going on, I'd prefer it just stand tall on all fours.

    -Points to your avatar-
    I dislike Fire-types in general, so I knew Reshiram wasn't for me. But my favorite legends are really the Musketeer trio. I'm rather obsessed with them. They're my favorite trio now, tied with the Beasts.
    I'm getting Black. Mainly because I prefer Reshiram over Zekrom when it comes to battling potential...
    White. I like the legends, the exclusives, the forest... pretty much everything about it jives with my tastes. You?
    I suppose, but I wish it had more of a special movepool to work with. Hidden power just isn't really enough to suffice. The starters are fine in their own right, however.

    I had a tendency to restart my save files. But I only did that twice for Pearl. My latest one hasn't been resetted in almost 3 years now. Mostly because of the tons of brillaintly competitive Pokemon I've obtained when the RNG was cracked. Can't afford to lose them, really. o:
    Snivy would be a lot better if it's last evolution's dream world ability was released. But for the offensive, I feel that Samurott is the way to go in the long run.

    Well, the only risk of corruption is if you badly use the cheats, but even then a simple reset solves that. (Unless you save afterward for some reason)
    Oshawott. Daikenki is pretty much the only one that matters to me. Also, the cheats are for item purposes mainly. Rare Candies for IV checking, pokeballs, the like.
    Meh, it's alright.

    There's nothing wrong with immediately SR'ing for stuff once you get it. I'm hoping to get an action replay to make RNG abuse a bit more convenient.
    -Fell asleep before I got to see this-

    Well, I'm also having high hopes for B/W. I should be receiving the game sometime after it's release next month.
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