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  • That one post alone broke the character limit and had to be editted @.@ Do keep in mind that I haven't seen the show in forever so I may have made a couple of slip ups here and there

    A look at my MAL profile should show you that Guren Lagann is one of my favorites as well, I'm just admitting to a rather large flaw namely that it's main plot was average at best. What, Silica is best girl what are you talking about, the lolis are always the best obvs. I used to play League. And then I stopped because I was kind of terrible at it.

    One of these days I'll get around to it. If only I could remember >:

    You're not Kamina, that's for sure. You'd never be even half as manly as he was.

    The usual formalwear, standard tux for him and dress for me. It took me a while to find a shop with a dress my size >:
    I'd honestly argue that the lack of focus on the 'main' characters added more to the show than it took away. By going into depth with each of the Master-Servant pairs, you're able to learn each of their motives for taking part in the Holy Grail War and the show gives you reason to care for every single member of the cast. This makes it unpredictable in the sense that because everyone is as fleshed out as they are, you don't really know who's going to win (unless you've seen Stay Night). I actually disagree that Archer got any major character development at all. For the most part he stays the same character and you're only given slight tidbits into the deeper parts of his personality, one such example being during his final confrontation with Rider which, by the way, is the best part of the show. Saber's lack of development, I feel like, is because they assume you've seen Stay Night and know what she eventually becomes, unfortunate as it is. As for Kiritsugu, I'd say that the way he doesn't care about Saber shows just how different they really are. Whereas Saber lives by the Knight's Code, believing in chivalry and a fair fight, Kiritsugu is the opposite in that he woulds stop at nothing to reach his goals, and the scene with Lancer you mentioned was the perfect example. Because of this, I don't think more interaction between the two would have lead to anything more than them arguing about what is right and basically repeating everything that they said in the little interaction they had. Going back to it being connected to Stay Night, I do agree that it would've been better as it's own thing. It would have really added to the suspense of not knowing who would have won. That said, I do think that being a prequel does have it's own merits. Knowing the ending and what happens in Stay Night, you watch the show while predicting what happens and what they do to reach Stay Night.
    No, I'm pretty sure incest is frowned upon internationally. Unless you live in Africa where some tribes actually promote incest. That said, i don't know what could have done to make Aincrad any longer with the existing source material without having it eventually drag on. Gurren Lagann was built on nonsensical bull that looks much more epic than it really is; look at how mundane the actual plot is x) If you're going to talk about character designs best design is obvs Silica. I haven't spoken to him in just about forever ;-;

    The VN is the best option to fully understand everything about the story; I just assumed you didn't have 60 odd hours to waste x). What problems did you have with Fate/Zero then?

    This is unfortunately true; most newbs tend to be disturbingly stubborn and whatnot =/ That's impossibru and you know it.

    There is nothing wrong with being an otaku with a social life x) But you could watch something that isn't shounen!

    We've been going out since highschool, I think that means I like him x)
    Incest is wincest obvs. I'm actually joking, I found the Suguha subplot thing to be completely out of left field and did nothing but cause meaningless tension that was never there to begin with in the first place. The biggest reason why they didn't make Aincrad it's own anime is because the lack of source material. The author has only recently started a floor-by-floor version of SAO called SAO: Progressive and that's apparently only released once a year or something. That said SAO Progressive Vol. 1 is better than all the filler than they threw in Aincrad with the random heroines and the like. You need to go watch Toradora! or something, Kirito/Asuna being the best Anime romance you've seen is never a good thing. And yes character limit was always a thing; I encountered it way back in the day when Kerech was still around x)

    Yeah, the original F/SN is kind of really bad, although I have had people tell me Fate/Zero is much better if you've seen Stay Night. Dear god the Stay Night visual novel is like 50~60 hours worth of gameplay. I'd almost suggest watching the Anime and being done with if you're in it just to see what happens after Fate/Zero.

    Only problem being that even they don't come here anymore. The only decently active users from IGRMT are Aura Sensei and Akanjao, and they've since moved on to other parts of the forums. Zhanton seems to be more or less gone and I get VMs from Jordan every once in a while. You know you can never get away from me ;)

    This is truth. Even on TV I swear all the actors and whatnot look like they come from the same country. It may be an Asian thing, like how we can tell the difference between Koreans, Japanese and Chinese.

    I could force you to watch several dozens of shows knowing that you'd enjoy them @.@ Like half the stuff on my MAL I'd recommend with confidence x)

    Speaking of formal occasions there's a school ball coming up soon and I think I may need to learn to waltz in heel ugugugu
    First, the other love interest is best girl. That aside, I agree with pretty much everything you've said. The author of the source material was 15 when he first wrote SAO so you can't expect too much out of it, I suppose. The recent volumes of the Light Novel are pretty decent though x). Also, as adorable as Kirito x Asuna is you have to admit that the romance is very forced and horrible paced.

    I assume you didn't watch Fate/Stay Night beforehand? What did you think of it overall, then?

    I honestly doubt anyone is returning tbh, especially now that IGRMT is all but dead :( I'm not primitive, I'm just stubborn!

    To be fair, all you European people look the same to us. I couldn't tell an Englishman from an Italian unless they explicitly told me where they came from =/

    Someone should send a D-Mail to when the whole college fiasco started i hope you've seen steins;gate

    I actually don't wear heels, like ever. I've decided to embrace my shortness in all my chibi glory!
    I'm going to have to disagree with you on most fronts. SAO's characters were one dimensional and really uninteresting. Kirito was basically Jesus, he could do no wrong and all sense of urgency was thrown out the window when you realize just how OP he is. Having read the Light Novels I can say that it'll only be proven again in SAO II. Asuna started out as a good character, what with her refusing to be a part of the system and whatnot. And then she became generic tsundere princess in the castle. The rest of the cast are really bland. SAO has a great premise with good art direction and music to boot, but it's dragged down by the horrible source material. Fate/Zero is amazing and you should watch it regardless.

    Ampy sent me a PM saying pretty much the same thing x). I can relate, though. SPPf has really lost it's charm for me; what with basically everyone no longer being here.

    In my defense I didn't know you were Italian :(

    Makes you kind of wish the world would reset.

    Actually yes! I'm now .7 cm taller than before!
    Why you make Ampy watch SAO ;_;. This is me being a tsundere and not apologizing for being so late sorry tho

    Pshaw, America, Canada, you're all the same Germanic people.

    That seems to be a worldwide phemonenon thought. College just seems like a really convenient way for companies to filter out people.
    Oh yeah, well how would you feel if I made offensive remarks about Canada!

    There are people who change, I was hoping you were one of them ;-;

    It's kind of funny, really. People dedicate the first twenty-odd years of their life to get through College education only to get a maybe when it comes to getting a job. This is why we emphasize college education as much as we do here. Said colleges, knowing this, are able to raise the standards of our education while the rest of us are forced to follow whatever regime they plan out. It's kind of cruel, really.

    Also that was me attempting to use a bunch of smart words bcoz azn
    How dare you mock our retarded half brother!

    Sometimes you're a real butthole :(

    It's not a laughing matter :( Being the overpopulated city that Seoul is, the job market is nowhere near as large as it has to be to accomodate the influx of new graduates each year.
    Oh please, you wish Canada was half as crazy!

    Are we starting with the tall jokes are we? :(

    But at least you can get a job, here in Korea roughly 50% of the graduates from the best university still end up jobless.
    But ours is several thousands of years older! Older is always better obvs says the genwunner

    Sometimes being efficient isn't a good thing. This is one of those tikes. Suck it up, sailor!

    But don't you need to spend a lot of time studying to be able to get into a respectable college? or ar schools there in the us all the same sans ivy league?
    Nah, Korean history spans for at least 4000 years, I don't want to add any more years to my history studying ;-;

    But it's not as fun. Having fun should take priority~

    Uhh... And these are the same people who probably worked their butts off to get into these colleges. What is wrong with the world ;-;
    I'd make a puny pun but I know absolutely nothing about Pearl Harbor.

    Then make it happen! I'll be calling you by your longer alt. until then x)

    Speaking of college, is it true that you see people get drunk and lay around in hallways?
    Asians, lie? You'll be saying that pigs fly next!

    But you're not a doctor yet. How does Doctor-but-not-really-a-doctor. Tough Guy sound :D

    Seems legit enough. But you need to spend some time doing something besides being a college student :D
    Me? Lying? Blasphemy!

    Oh oh, we've got a mister tough guy here.

    It's just a short show in general; but the 8 hours will be amongst the best 8 hours in your life. The show is pretty amazing
    Uhh.. It's a special Asian Bagel

    You get to sympathize on a whole new level!

    Don't deny man :p. it's only a 24 episode series which basically rounds up to 8 hours
    The frames are usually 2x4s from the site's I usually go to

    I bought the light-medium plan so I have to be efficient. How many/what courses are you taking this semester? I'm doing a pharmacology major.
    It's so it can easily be torn out of a wall and smashed over my head.

    Ya I'm in a dorm atm. Seriously though everything is so expensive in Alberta it's not even funny. My meal plan ain't going to keep me fed so I'm busing over to costco later this week once my upass is working.
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