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Nov 22, 2015
Mar 26, 2010
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April 13
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Cat and Mouse, from Where you live

Soroft was last seen:
Nov 22, 2015
    1. Kerech
      HAH, in what world is it simple? I hate all that stupid configuration, with its "concrete" rules.

      Lol no no no, it'd be TERRIBLE! These are random NPCs, these are Battle Tower fights! I wouldn't challenge 7 consecutive enemies just to accomplish what I could with Fly.

      That costs a helluva lot o' money...

      Oh yeah, I remember that episode now!!! Seriously, I do; his first try was so bad haha. Vacuum.
    2. Tsumiki
      *shocked* ZOMG NO WAEZ LOLOLOLOLOL. But in all seriousness, yeah. Someone at school open SPPf on a school computer which I forgot to log-off on. Said person happened to be a friend, so lol.
    3. Kerech
      Har har har, you'll nevar evar be dunz!

      NO BUT! It's not like you'd have to fight to travel lol.

      Aaaaah I wanna see it. I need moar lifez...I wish I could, but I can't...

      Sadness. I haz no cable bro, and idr hearing that in any Futurama episode I've seen. Doorknob.
    4. Noctourniquet
      *puts on shades*

      You know that is not true.

      So what's your point?

      Not for me it wouldn't. ):

      Oh right. I was a bit thrown off at the fact that we call them 'brackets', not 'parentheses'.

      You'd better believe it.

      Whee. Lol, I have no idea. SA2B was hands down brilliant, it was just one of those amazing games that is still hard to beat today imo. Sorta like Mario 64.
    5. Kerech
      *covers ears* noooo I finished all my Chem, no more!

      Why? It's just a modified version.

      Dayum. But of course; Halo 3's campaign taught me that. Oh YEAAAAAAAH! Lol armor-clad women are hawt. I'm sure I will, some day =/

      Aw, you suck...wtf is that? Toy box.
    6. Kerech
      How so?

      Ah. Hahaha it's still the same, except now I believe you can use it for transportation.

      Oh wow, that's pretty boss. Lol, c'mon, most good video games with women will be exploited in a sexual manner. Argh, I want to play it nowwwww......

      I'd be interested in seeing some German. Phonograph.
    7. Noctourniquet
      Charge away. See if I care.

      Oh yes I did.

      I disagree. Imo, they're not expandable beyond a certain point, and that point is the one at which your brain is fully developed.

      But what would be the fun in that?

      Yeah, whatever 'paranthetical' means.


      I was only talking in terms of graphics tbh.
    8. Kerech
      I hear Bio's a lot like Chem, according to a friend lol.

      Indeed. Uh, they'd still be taking my stat drops, and what sweeper has room in its movepool for Swapping its boosts OFF? Lol it'd be such a waste. They have a Battle Subway now, and I believe Smogon has the list (Ungulateman and GS were talking about it a while back).

      Word? Damn, that's crazy. Was it because it was riveting, or because it was terrible?

      How is German inefficient. China cabinet.
    9. Noctourniquet

      The universe has no say in this whatsoever.

      Ehh, I don't think you have to really work to be intelligent since I don't think your level of intelligence can be raised or lowered in any way other than growth. Or some kinda of nasty accident or something. Knowledge can be, but knowledge ≠ intelligence imo.

      *sigh* figure it out.

      Well, let's think about this... The fact that I wrote "/dead" insinuates that I knew you had eaten my ribs, hence my death. >:

      No, I am not hax.

      I couldn't comment on WoW, as I've never played it. But some video games are realistic, not everyone wants to play as a little blue hedgehog or a fat man with an italian accent and a red hat. Games like CoD are extremely successful, and are also realistic in terms of graphics, physics and atmosphere. Obviously people would never be in that situation irl for the most part but.
    10. Noctourniquet

      My choice is fine.

      How do you mean? You either need to work to get good grades or you don't. And you seem clever enough to not have to work.

      What's not to get?

      You ate my ribs? D: /dead

      But I am the anti-hax.

      We just deal with it, lol.
    11. Noctourniquet

      Then I refuse to accept this.

      Nah. You can do fine without. I did, anyway. And it's rare that I say I did something well.

      oh no (u).

      Not too bothered tbh, I'm not very hungry right now. 8D


      Yeah, I find that a bit odd too... Oh well, this is Pokémon, nothing ever has, or indeed ever will, make any sense at all.
    12. Noctourniquet
      Hurry up about it.

      I would like to see this in an official document please.

      Hahahahahahahahahaha work. See, this is why I don't do it; better to face the detention than go through all this.

      Slightly more acceptable I guess.

      I win.

      But that's so far away. D:

      Stop doing that. ): *TBR used Sing!*

      Lol, yeah, he seemed to deal with it quite nicely.
    13. Noctourniquet
      When will I find out then? ):

      Why not?

      Lol, not going so well then?

      That should work.

      no u

      Find it please.

      But I cured you. D:

      Lol, Serebii's popularity has evidently been its downfall in this case.
    14. [GS]
      I don't have one, but my good buds do, so I've been playing
      quite a bit. ^^
    15. Kerech
      They don't really teach you about the correlation between certain topics; it's as if they expect you to understand all the vaguely implied connections there, and won't hesitate to test you on it. This is, of course, primarily a Physics gripe, though Calculus does have its moments. Chem is just...Chem, and I don't have to take a Bio course, which would be the best thing for me to inform you of. Sorry lol.

      Idk if a Wide Lens would be completely necessary, but it'd definitely be useful if the 90% accuracy bothers you. I say it's the best starter (for in-game) because, assuming you had a Dream World one, you'll constantly be bombarded by moves like Screech, Sand-Attack, Growl, etc., and so you can capitalize on that. Yes, Blaziken could always learn BP, but I believe all it could pass on was Agility and Bulk Up. It would, but Power Swap is completely situational, and so you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone who would use it against you. Also, your opponent would take a -2 or more, simply to stop you? Unlikely.

      Lol argh, now I want to play...but my friend is busy with hw, so tough luck on my part...

      I mean, you can still talk in German, and I'll find a way to translate it lol. Bookend.
    16. Kerech
      It's like, they teach you something in class, you get it. Go to do the hw, wtf. Go to take a test, WTF. That's how it is at my college...

      It'll use +2 Leaf storms instead of -2, putting it ahead of the other starters imo. Its movepool is shallow, but a self-boosting base 140 move is nothing to laugh at, even if it is off of a base 75 SpA. And it's a good partner for a regular Blaziken, who can safely mix Superpower and Overheat, and BP the drops to Jaroda.

      WOW, 4th mission? Talk about campaign nerfing lol.

      Idk any German...never saw that movie. Bookshelf.
    17. Noctourniquet
      Well, what did you do?

      So I win.

      Indeed you have. 8D

      Stereotypes need to move forward in time a bit methinks. That's from centuries ago.

      no u

      bbq? where?

      TBR used Smellingsalt! (y)

      But Joe had to take down all the pictures. ):
    18. poke-pownage
      Hey, if you can do the monotype battle right now, go on the Create a Pokemon Server since smogon is down.
    19. Kerech
      ;____; wait until college, when everything in math and science requires you to think outside the box.....THAT, my friend, is murder.

      One word for you: Perversity. Go back to his Pokedex page, look at the definition, then look at his movepool. He's not the best Pokemon in this generation, but he sure is King of the Starters.

      Lol and does this happen early on?

      ¿No hablas español? Ay dios.....it means "Fire Fire Fire." I just found one of those in my house recently! Swiffer.
    20. Noctourniquet
      Come on then, I'm waiting.

      But I was, wasn't I? >:

      Lol, you can find the answer to almost everything. All I'd say to do is check from multiple sources.

      Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Although I never actually learned how to ride a bike, lol. Yeah, that's more or less the idea.

      The government can gtfo.



      I don't know any of the names yet, lol.
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