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  • Ah... Just let it go, I guess. But not a single thing for new year, too? I mean, it's probably the best day of the year. The very end and the very beginning!
    So, do you have any plans for Christmas and new year? I'll have to pass it with my family... I'm just excited because I'll finally going to be able to cook with my mother, something considered impossible years before. New Year too!
    School's days are coming to a end, I guess? At least until january, hehe.
    I'm doing fine. Just pretty anxious for Christmas and all. And new year, too!
    It's fine. Perhaps, a lot of Brazilians think Americans speak "Americans", and Mexicans speak "Mexicans" (instead of Spanish). Everyone once did that.
    Our language is actually Portuguese. Brazilian-Portuguese, though, as it's a bit different from that portuguese of Portugal. Just like US english and UK english.

    Don't think too much about it. It's really not helpful. Forget this whole thing; it's better and healthy for you.
    I tend to think about my future instead... I keep imagining how it'll be in, like, 10 years xD
    Hehe, I imagine. Just don't be scared! There's nothing offensive on the lyrics. I remember when I've had shown a brazilian music to a american and he said there were a lot of swear words. I'm serious. It's quite rare, actually! The songs I've linked to you had 0 swear words!
    Also, what you think about this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWDPT-dVxHg

    Ah, yes. But you sure have been. Sure, not i. that strong sense (save a life), but that feeling of wanting to change something it happened when you couldn't do something for lack of experience or knowledge. Never?
    You're welcome! And did you liked? There's a lot more! That guy here is awesome:

    Aham! My favorite song EVER! I cried when I understanded the lyrics, mostly because it fits me very well. What if you known you'd be able to save a life? Does that bug you, too? That idea, if you could back on time
    It was... Tiring. I'm tired of everything else here. Just so you know, my whole family is religious and I am not onto this kind of thing, so it's hard for me to keep up. I'm not an atheist (I'm agnostic), but their ideals of God bugs me and they are too much concentrated on this thing. It was my brothers, actually. But, oh dear... My mom is easy-going. She's a very smart person in that sense and she can always discuss properly about this matter. Something they can't...
    And... Oh dear! I sure talked a lot now xD
    Lucky boy! Shiny Mareep! I'm yet to find a shiny lurking at some road... No, wait! I've seen a shiny before! IT WAS GYARADOS!
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