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Last Activity:
Mar 18, 2017
Oct 21, 2006
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Well-Known Member, from Australia

Souku was last seen:
Mar 18, 2017
    1. Frozen Sunset
      Frozen Sunset
      Hey long time.....miss seing your beautiful pics. And you too obviously lol.
    2. nathandg0924
      Hey there. I hope your doing fine. I see you haven't been updating for a while, what happened? Hopefully we can see your works soon!
    3. Sweet May
      Sweet May
      Hello Souku. Just so you know, I closed your previous Project 365 thread because you're only allowed one gallery thread on SPPF and it seems appropriate to let you have the 2013 thread. If you'd like, I could merge both threads.
    4. rabidepicgoose
      Your art is absolutely stunning, I hope that I can aspire to be as great as you.
    5. nathandg0924
      Hey there! Happy New Year! And let me be one of the first to say congrats on a job well done with your project! You definitely did a great job on the Pokemon for the year. Just asking, are you gonna continue doing some of your works next year, especially on those that you didn't do? Hopefully you can and once again, great job and Happy New Year to you!
    6. sanae
      on day 260 you spelled butterfree wrong.
    7. Azulart
      I have seen your Thread with your artwork. My sincere compliments.
    8. nathandg0924
      Thanks for the greeting and yeah, really enjoyed the day. It's OK, in fact though it's not my fave Pokemon, it's actually pretty awesome that random.org chose a legendary for my birthday and it's really good too, I like it. And yeah, maybe I'll pretend if today's (It's the 25th here by the way) Poke is better. Thanks again and good luck! :)
    9. nathandg0924
      Hi Souku. I hope that random website can pick a good Pokemon for tomorrow since it's gonna be my Birthday. :) I wouldv'e liked Lucario but he's already done. Oh well, Good luck on the next Pokes.
    10. rosierjay
      i think remoraid may have beat out woobat as my favorite. great job.
    11. nathandg0924
      Wow, I'd just like to say that you did an awesome job Lucario, who happens to be my fave Pokemon. I knew you didn't disappoint and didn't expect to see him so soon. Seriously, great job!
    12. Novan_Hero
      DUDE!!!! OMG you're FREAKEN AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm just gonna go ahead and make myself and Userbar linking to your thread, to show the awesomeness of your art. YOU NEED PUBLICITY!!!! omg It's sooooooo amazing I can't stop buzzing out over it because it's SOOOOOOO MEAN!!!! omg... sorry for spamming your VM's
    13. nathandg0924
      Greeting you a happy birthday! I checked out some of your old art before and seeing your art now, I have to say it's all amazing really. :)
    14. Dark Searchman
      Dark Searchman
      Just so you know, I've been commenting on your recent pics as well, just editing my last post so I avoid DPing.
    15. Indigoodra
      Souku, can I use your Latias in my sig if I give credit?

      I might need to crop it a little, but that's my favorite of your drawings so far~
    16. Frozen Sunset
      Frozen Sunset
      Let me just say, I'm your biggest fan :p
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