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  • Pfft. Nope. Not at all. That was when I was trying out Defiant Physical Thundurus-Incarnate, and I barely had like any fire types on my team.
    Nothing much. Getting over the fact that I've been getting a lot of users on Showdown with Rocky Helmet Ferrothorn.
    I grew out of PO, because it was a bit boring and such. And no, I do not hate the program.
    I really didn't give Odiamos attention because of how obvious he was.
    I will be on later tonight. And it's fairly obvious that he is. Still many people take him lightly is the problem. I was hesitated to say this, but I'll be accuse of being not supportive.
    It's fine. I'm not upset about that one bit at all. It seems that Odiamos won't be shut up. I really do apologize if I just said something like that.
    Nothing new has been happening throughout the couple of years, except. This. But, I'll tell you that I've been growing interest into competitive battling.
    Well, I was till then I noticed that it wasn't necessary to do so. And it's probably Odiamos, the favorite punching bag.
    Well honestly. I was going to tell Raven that I was on Serebii because the guilt was eating me alive. But I didn't because I was fearing the main thing that Raven would backstab me of telling DK that I was on this place.
    I came back here during my birthday and such. Yes, I know. This is very selfish of me. Pretty soon DK is going to get upset and I'll be accuse of being a traitor.
    I know you haven't. Oh, good news. vStream is now done, and I bet most of the crew there are. On Vidiogo.
    Yes. I know that I haven't been on vStream and such for a long time, especially with Vidogo. I will promise you that I'll be more active.
    No, even worse. Baton Pass Teams I would get. -_-
    They are so annoying and stuff. I recall one time, this opponent. Baton passed to his/her Garchomp...Don't they realized that Garchomp is fast enough already, and can be viable with Swords Dance?
    I know what you might be thinking. Why am I not that much on Wenoo? First off, it's been dying and DK is not around.
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