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Last Activity:
Jun 22, 2011
Sep 13, 2010
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tic tock

SoulDew was last seen:
Jun 22, 2011
    1. Zabi
      Hey. Sorry, I am having internet problems. I saw you IMing me, but, ugh, my damn connection. >__>

      Don't think I am ignoring you. ;~;
    2. Kyrie
      Congratz on the Shiny Blitzle 8'D !
    3. ShinyDoug
      I'm leaning towards a shiny team early on. By the way, you had Badge Quest exactly right. I'm on Route 1 now hoping for a Patrat, but Lillipup would be fine too.
    4. ShinyDoug
      Congrats on the Blitzle! Hey, I was wondering something. Of all of my on-line friends, you're the only shiny hunter that I really respect. There's many others, but nobody seems to be on atm. Do you think I should try a badge quest on White? It would be cool to get a bunch of shinies and play through with a full shiny team. I really want to go for a full party, but I don't want to SR for a starter. Do you think I should try my luck at a badge quest or just get a full shiny party without trying to get 1 per gym?
    5. PinkPalkia
      Yeah, same to you.
    6. PinkPalkia
      Hello, thank you, and good luck. I gotta restart my HG before I SR Lugia, mhm.:)
    7. Aegon
      Me neither! These episodes are so exciting! :P
    8. Arsène
      Soul Dew = Choice Specs without choice.
    9. Arsène
      Oh, I've noticed that.
    10. Arsène
      How might you be doing?
    11. Cutty
      Thanks! Congrats on your Whirlipede, if I'm not mistaken some time ago.^^

      Hey, let's hunt for shiny ice mons on B/W. What do you say? Unless if you're hunting something else that you really like. I'm gonna go for Vinillite on JP Black and the bear on White.
    12. Cutty
      The french Sandile looks really cool, congrats.^^
      More b/c I don't see many french shinies around.
      The pics are good too.
    13. Zabi
      You backstabber. P:
    14. Cutty
      Congrats for being the hunter of the month in February =)

      I didn't mean anything by saying this. Actually it should've been me cuz I caught 7 shinies, but I didn't know the competition started already, I don't check the club regularly. But it's not important, you deserve it. And I try my best to get the title next time! =)
    15. ShinyDoug
      Yeah, I had to force myself not to scream and wake up my dad. Zabi says it counts! :)
    16. Zabi

      Congrats on winning, once again!
    17. Zabi
      I'm sure there are some of your other favorites in the poll too!
      Vote accepted!
    18. Zabi
      Thank you for voting!
      Sadly Entei lost by two votes. >:
    19. LeviNifty
      No worries =p and thanks I hope i get a shiny in White soon even if its only one =p
    20. Cutty
      Congrats on your Mienfoo, a neat shiny!^^

      I always wanted to ask this, how did you hunt your Ducklett, just keep entering the shadows in the bridge?
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