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  • thx. i've only been homeschooled for a bit more than a year because i didn't do well in the private schools, because the didn't teach anything.
    Only the shiny litwick random encouter. It's my first random encounter in almost 2 years! i've mostly mm'd or chained shinies lately, so i'm really happy. As a bonus it had flawless sp.atk! How about you? Have you found any shinies lately?
    Hi! Would you want to join team sea soul? i joined team sea soul a clan that gives you rankiungs of your battle preformance and free banners and stuff. it's really fun! You sould totally join! You'd be great! As along as you use one water pokemon, and fill out the join form you're in! Here is the link to the clan--->

    Here is the fill out and your ready to roll!
    Battling Style:
    'Version Name' FC:
    No. of water pokemon in use:
    Referred By: lavaburst14 (tell them i refered you and get points!)
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