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  • Serebii Pokémon 2011-12 Christmas Tournament!
    Hey all, to sign up for this tournament, PM me your FC and times available. Sign up is from today, the 6th of December, to the 20th of December. The tourney itself will be from the 21st of December to the 3rd of January next year. As you can see, I have a very busy holiday just for the enjoyment of SPPF! This tourney will be hosted by Guardianofthesea and the HOD ( Head of Department ) will be Jon17. It will be held ON THE NINTENDO DS WIFI SYSTEM, so make sure and have WIFI on your DS. There will only be the following Clauses:
    1. Species Clause
    2. Item Clause
    3. Self-KO Clause
    4. OHKO Clause
    5. Evasion Clause
    There WILL BE NO Ubers allowed in this tourney, only OU Pokémon and UU Pokémon are allowed, although the grand prize for winning IS an Uber. The Grand Prize for winning this tourney will be a 100 % legit Arceus!!! Make sure and participate, but remember, breaking any of the above clauses will result in automatically being disqualified from the tourney. In addition to the five above clauses, we have my own rules:
    1. There will be no switching involved, a Pokémon must battle until it is knocked out!
    2. You cannot use more than 3 items in any one battle!
    3. You cannot heal any one Pokémon’s HP, heal Makuhita’s HP once and then you can’t anymore! That means only six heals are permitted in one battle.
    Okay, that’s the rules department down! Make sure and read the clauses that will be put into effect and my own rules carefully! Don’t forget your Grand Prize and I am looking forward to lots of participation!
    HOD: JON17
    aah, I know. >< Me = STUPID. Cause as it turns out, the supreme parts might be gone forever since I deleted the thread -__-. I have ep. 1-9 on my comp + the movie but that's it.
    Anyway, I've been reading the Pkmn Manga like crazy these last couple of days and the urge to make a comic is hard to resist to be honest. So you never know. x)
    I havn't checked out your comic yet cuz I'm such an *** but I will soon I promise. ^^
    Lol. Yeah it is a lot. I even know all the Pokemon each character for each Season are getting. Oh and as you said, you were going to read all the seasons. That proves that you are the most dedicated fan. Thanks :D. I'll mention that in the credits for PP.
    You can use them, change their pokémon, names and even the sprites themselves, as long as you give credit, which you probably will, so no problem.
    Yeah and I wouldn't be worrying about a cross-over series yet. I'm still not sure if I'm ready to do another cross over. But thats besides the point. You can completely change her team up anyway you like. Especially since this is a Johto comic and from what I remember she didn't have many Johto Pokemon. I was planning on doing a whole bunch of Seasons. Hoenn, Kanto, Sevii Islands, possibly Orre, Johto, and possibly Sinnoh was the order I was planning on doing it. I'm still not sure yet but I might make the Sinnoh season with the main characters the kids of some of the main characters.
    Actually Liz Saphire is going to become one of the main characters in my Season 2. Rio, Danny, Eddy, Lauren, Liz, and four new characters are in Season 2. You could always change her first name though. Instead of Elizabeth Chase you could make it something else Chase.
    Okay I can make a trainer sprite for her as well. I love making those. I made a bunch for season 2 already. In that I don't neccesarily have rivals and main characters but nine main characters. But I can't tell you anymore about that until I finish season 1. The only other thing I can tell you is that I already made all the characters for season 2. Anyway just make sure it isn't too similar. And remember to add in your own creative ideas as well. I'm sure you have a million of them :D.
    Yeah the only problems I would have are with Sprout Tower and the Ruins of Alph interior. I will find a way to make them though. Even if I have to make my own tiles. If you want I can redo Liz Chase for you. I can do that whenever because it won't take me more than ten minutes to do it.
    Is Elizabeth Chase the girl with the orange hair I made you? Go ahead and use her. Anyway after I finish Puranas completely I could probably make those places your missing. I don't really have time to during Puranas, unless I do it while it's Beco's turn to make parts then I can make them for you.
    Yeah that may be a good idea. Maybe you should only post the first few parts so you can see what people think of it. Then you can post the rest. I have up to episodes in the 80s already done I just can't post them yet.
    Sorry I didn't reply to this sooner. But that's awesome that you found them. What style are they FR/LG? I like that style the best (besides D/P/Pt of course). Well once again good luck with the comic and with using the different program.
    No problem! And yeah maybe I'll eventually do a crossover with you too. Or maybe all three of us could do a crossover. We just have wait and see how far your comic gets. :D
    Alright, at least you'll have something to make it on. And trust me you'll get used to it. When I first started making my comic I never used paint in my life but I got the hang of it now.
    That's great that you got one though :D. I never used paintbrush before so I don't know what it's like. Anyway good luck on thinking of ideas and finiding the maps for your comic.
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