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Recent content by soulmaster_rz

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    Soulmaster_RZ is back!

    hi people, I visit the website since... well, since before ruby/sapphire came out :o but I registered in the forums after that, and didn't came back 'cause my old mail was hacked and forgot my pass x.x anyways, I'm here to read stuff, maybe some opinions and trades too, pokemon X is my first...
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    Hidden Ability Trading Thread

    looking for an exeggcute with Harvest, had no luck at hordes last week so I surrender and ask for one u.u I can offer pokemon in johto balls, 5 IV pokemon equipped with leftovers u.u or even other Hidden ability pokemon (just ask)
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    New Mega Evolutions Discussion Thread

    I would love a Mega Breloom, Mega Grumpig and Mega Cacturne (from hoenn) and maybe other from other regions like Galvantula, Jynx and Dunsparce well, can't wait for more
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    New Gameplay Graphics Thread

    graphics are good, but they could have been better, however they don't affect me, I just love the new directions mechanic, being able to walk in diagonal directions is cool :3
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    PokéRadar & Chain Fishing Thread

    well I can't seem to get a chain of more than 8 pokemon, so no luck with pokeradar for me... just chain fishing and I love that :D
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    The Lack of Kalos Pokemon

    as many others think, mega evos are replacing "the other new pokemon" that kalos could have had... anyways, I just don't think mega evos are worthy of being counted as a new pokemon, as it's only temporal and stuff
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    Wonder Trade Stories

    well I have medium luck in WT, as I have received some legendaries and good IV normal pokemon and even some non-kalos shiny with good IVs my bf instead, has even more luck, he got an excellent Avalugg with good IVs, ev trained, high level... and shiny x.x
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    Official X & Y Help Thread

    does anyone knows the chance to get a hidden ability pokemon in hordes?, 'cause I just got a nidoran with hustle via gts (no luck in hordes), and also no exeggcute with harvest :c bad luck or just really low probability
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    X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

    well, I'm trying to find an Exeggcute with hidden ability for my bf, he wants to do a masuda but without it it's so hard xD and also supertraining some pokemons too :3 and doing masuda with voltorbs born in the pokeball factory