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  • The First Round Of Rainbow Tournament Has Started Get Your Battle Done With A Week. Round One Will Last A Week. Also I Have Linked Everybody Profile That Can Be Found The Main Post.

    Hey, you wouldn't mind ending up with a few extra holes in Ian, would you? Whether you live or not would be up to you of course.
    Let me see if I have this right, Inferno Fraction is going to war against TBC?
    Ya-meh-shaaaah... yeah. But I let my Genesect from Honor on a different forum have a Larvesta, so I guess Volcarona's okay?
    Alright and the conversation will start in your post for the most part. The end of my post will have your squad come in and fan out through the conference room that will be the base of operations with you greeting us.

    "Nice to meet you Ian, and correct, our primary objective is to capture these Quista's, if any Xexan get in our way, we will attempt to capture or neutralize them. If you need help with a raiding party on Xexan, we will see what we can do. My team and I should probably move out now. We need to figure out the Quista's current location and try to cut them off. We'll stay in touch."
    so since Mason (Specter) is the team leader, he'll do most of the talking, but Overlord isn't necessarily fond of Black Ops. Also, just for some description maybe in your post. Specter, is 5' 10" and fairly muscular, wearing woodland camo and holding his Famas. Overlord is the hacker and eyes-on-the-sky operative and thus looks more of the desk job type of person than a soldier. Fox is the sniper and has a Barret 50. Cal strapped to his back wearing black camo. and Major Wilhelm isn't important and not part of my actual squad, lol so describe him however you feel is appropriate and I'll go with that. now to the conversation...

    "That's what we go by. I'm the squad leader, Specter, this here is Overlord and Fox. The soldier over there is Major Wilhelm, he's going to be running the Omega operation here in Olivine, if forever reason you need to contact the Director, talk to Wilhelm. And I'm assuming you're the Black Ops soldiers. Do you have name's or are you all just 'Operatives'?"
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