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  • Somebody really needs to invent a time travelling machine, possibly a DeLorean, that lets you travel to the future where you'd then purchase a sports almanac, place winning bets on all the major sporting events for the next 10 years and earn millions of dollars. That would solve all of life's problems, wouldn't it?
    Okay, Muse. Although I don't like seeing people flunk anything, it's up to you so I'm not going to say anything but GL :]
    At the moment? I'm supposed to be cleaning my room, but I'm on serebii for some reason >.> On a greater scale, I've only got another 2-3 months before going to university, so that's the ultimate goal at the moment. I've decided that I'm going to inseminate as many girls as I can. How about you, anything new to report since the old ship sank?
    Hey Muse if you're up to it. You should join TBC Nick Bae and the others including me would love to have you there. Think about it when u get the time.
    That's good. Glad to hear you're doing well. Have you played any games in a while? Or have you been too busy?
    May I propose a trade that I believe will benefit the both of us in the Battle City tournament? My Ho-oh for your Kyogre.
    Please submit a 3 man lineup for week 11 of the combatants cup by tomorrow night. If I don't have one, your lineup will be randomized.
    yo buddy ill see you in 15 mins on po server as arranged with alt name spidey! ill be danger inc channel tohjo falls and tournaments depending on where you want to find me
    okay not the best timezones tbh im afraid im busy/sleeping most of the time at that time but how would 6pm your time friday suit? its a bit late but its the best ill be able to manage respond asap because if you are unable to do it at that time ill ask kots to sub me out for this round
    tcc opponent here. timezone:gmt+0 po name:spidey! (though it changes) ps name: spiderman123 so pm/vm when you want to do this along with timezone and po/ps name . ill be on br and danger inc po channel if you want to use ps just say so
    Please complete your Combatants Cup match with Wolfondiamond as soon as possible.

    Also, Legendofsway is once again eligible for substitution. You may choose to either utilize an in-team substitution, an off-team substitution, or leave him in and hope for the best. the choice is yours.
    Your opponent for The Combatants Cup has been subbed out. Your new opponent is Lunar.. Please complete your match as soon as possible.
    So far it's...


    I think I'll have him pair up with Luke, then. He'll simultaneously fight his and help Ian when he needs it. It's a good thing that it's tougher...
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