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  • Hi there! Just pointing out that the gif limit is 500 KB. Mega Blaziken's gif is 350+ KBs, and Grumpig's and Flygon's gifs are 130+ KBs. Using the non-animated gifs are just as effective to express your team and prevent us from being infracted by mods.
    Just looking out for people :)
    By the way, can someone tell me where I need to go after I beat the Flare members in the Power Plant? I went back to Lumiose, but the power is still out! What step am I missing? I guess I didn't read the dialogue close enough when I beat them, but I was pretty tired last night...
    You have to enter Lumiose from the other side in order to clear the blackout; just head south through the Badlands until you find an exit terminal.
    It is 100 percent legit I can guarantee you. Sorry, I haven't pmed someone in ages so I forgot to clear it! I can trade tomorrow at 9pm gmt+1. What nature is the dialga?
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