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  • Yay winter break!! :D My winter break just started last week haha ^^ I've been waiting for winter break for what seems like months now haha ^___^
    Yeah haha XD They've been really fun so far :D I just need to find some time to do Highlink with the people around me :( None of them are really that far in the story yet haha XD I'm surprised at how many people bought the games though haha ^^
    hey, sorry about that XD I don't have a webcam that can record that at all though :( I really wish i did :( It's exciting that the rom could leak any moment, but I just know i'm going to have to be in class when it does >.<
    Yeah haha though purikura heavily alters the image so people look "pretty" lol XD So the avatar is a little "enhanced" XD It's the most recent picture i have on there i think though haha :p
    Oh wow, that's a while haha D: I actually have picked up activity over the past two days >.< (I'm sure it's very temporary though) This summer is going by really fast!! D: School ends in a week for me and then I have to go right back to school! haha >.< Oh well, at least things will calm down once I get back to America :p
    Wow, so I finally found out why the Facebook friend thing wasn't working haha >.< ... I had it set so people couldn't search for me for some reason :x

    You're going with White? I think I'm still going with Black haha :p Simply because I like the color black more than white >.< Both legendaries are good imo, so I just decided to go with that haha XD How've you been? :)
    wtf!? Has it seriously not sent any of my last few replies o.o' ...

    For FB, it's not that one, it's this (though I'm not sure if you can see that or not)

    Yeah, I think I'll probably end up picking Tsutarja too ^^ I always seem to go with the grass starters lol :p (though for gen IV I went with Piplup)

    This is for youtube, but I never use it >.< ... I've experimented a few times with it, but that's about as far as I got lol
    Isn't that like 2:00~2:30AM for me? XD I can try, but we're going to have to work out a good time for me to go to the store haha >.< I actually like the names :3 They're not so bad at all :p Good luck with the scores! School just started back up here and I've been swamped T.T Doing good though haha XD
    Unfortunately they only let you get one per movie ticket :( On the website, it says that to get them you need to talk to a person who works at the distribution store, and then have them send it to you via the 'receive from a friend' method on the mystery gift screen :( Which means that they are in complete control the entire time T-T
    Go South of the Safari Zone and then to the west to what I believe is called the Embedded Tower. At first it's unaccessible, but once you can get Groudon, it should be opened up for you. I believe you need surf and rock climb to get there.
    ooh nice :D

    It should be after you beat Red :p I can probably get on wifi anytime this weekend ^^ Classes finally started up, so it may get harder to get onto wifi >.<
    I've never heard that song before lol XD ... at least I don't think so haha... anyways, I got a new computer so let me know when you can get on Wi-Fi :)
    You can get it after you beat Red :) Sorry for the late responses :( I don't have steam, but my friends used to play (I might be sending my computer back to America today) :D I'll see if I can get a battle in with you once I get this computer thing settled out (it might be hard to contact you during the time I have this sent in :( ) I'll let you know when I can :)
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