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  • Your sig annoys me because of both bits. Do you really need to attack people with your sig?

    For the record, you're also wrong. Even if you don't believe the bible, no one can win the argument that it was written by only one person. Change it to homophobes if you must keep it in your signature.

    It's not just you; I'm also annoyed at people that attack others with their own religon.
    Thanks for accepting my friend request! :)
    Well I joined for this forum in last year's october and I still enjoy to visit in this forum very much. And it's also great that you can talk about almost anything here, like music and movies, not just Pokemon.
    What the world doesn't know: Ash's Pikachu was the last one in Johto. The Pikachu caught by Oak in Route 1 on Yellow was obviously a cake. That's my take on it. That or Cirno found her way to Pokemon and said, "There are no Pikachus in Johto!"
    hey sweetie just lettin you know please read the rules for the club...you need to pledge after that i can add you to the list and you can post freely...i want to make sure you are able to post about yugioh...then i can officially welcome you to the clan...
    Hi just noticed your post in the doctor who club thread but I wanted to warn you so you didn't getting into trouble from the club owner. I recommend you spoiler both of those comments on doctor who and torchwood but they only aired today and 2 days ago respectively.
    Christianity 101: If something contridicts your beliefs, DENIY IT'S EXSTANCE!!!
    The club alone wasn't good enough to talk about how great/true/funny that post was.

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